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Featured Story Of The Month
Mother's Day by SuzMc

Peter is visiting Laura's grave at Mother's Day, trying to come to terms with the past.




Rated: PG
Categories: Season 1-2

Most Recent
Second Chances by Grasshopper

Paul Blaisdell rebuilds the bridge between himself and his family after disappearing for thirteen years. *Takes place right before the final chapter of "Little Shaolin."*

Rated: PG
Categories: Post Series

Story of the Moment
Why Can't I Be You? by Jennifer Kelley


Careless wishes lead Caine and Peter to switch bodies for the day.


Rated: PG
Categories: Season 1-2


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If anyone discovers a missing chapter, or if they are out of numeral order, please let me know. DO NOT post it as a review because unless it's one of my own stories, I will never see it.

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