Attention KFTLC Fandom Writers


As everyone knows, the series hasn't been broadcast on television since TNT stopped showing the reruns in the early 2000s. Most, if not all, KFTLC fandom websites have either gone dark or disappeared completely. With only the first two seasons released on DVD, and no streaming service showing the series, the fandom has slowly died, and in doing so, has taken the fan fiction stories with it.

While it's been thirty years since the show first premiered, an ongoing effort to find and save the fandom stories are now underway. With the help of our Facebook group, old friends are being reunited, others are enjoying making new friends and memories. New stories are being written, as well as others who have taken the fandom plunge.

Most writers on this website have either started archiving, updating, or re-writing their kftlc stories. Zine and net stories are also being included. A big thanks to every writer, reader, and reviewer who has contributed in one way or another. Without you, this website would not exist.

Currently, Suze and I are archiving many stories across the internet. Although 95% of the writers archived on this website have either uploaded their stories, or given permission for us to archive them, it has become almost impossible concerning the remaining 5%. Numerous emails have bounced, mostly because the emails listed in zines and deactivated websites are extremely out of date. With no forwarded emails found, and repeated attempts for find these writers on Facebook and other social media platforms, we have hit a brick wall. Therefore, I'm breaking my long held policy of not archiving stories without a writer's consent.

For the writers who haven't given consent, due to one reason or another, please understand it hasn't been from a lack of trying to contact you. If you wish for your stories to remain on the archive, we ask that you update you contact information. If you wish your stories to be removed, we will honor your request. No questions asked!

Last, but not least, sadly as we reach out to other writers, we have discovered a few writers are no longer with us.

In closing, as the archive continues to grow, please remember that all fu writers are welcome to archive and share their kftlc stories. Remember, all genres are welcome, so upload and share them or if you prefer, contact either Suze or myself, and we will archive them for you.