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(Series Pilot). Season 1. Episode 1 and 2. 

First aired: 01/25/1993


Caine arrives in the city.




Kwai Chang Caine, with Marilyn

Drake, (left), are greeted by Chinatown's residents.



Crime lord, Tan, rules

Chinatown with an iron fist.


Father and son are reunited

after a 15 year separation.

Caine learns his son true


Fifteen years after the destruction of his temple and the assumed death of his beloved son, Peter, Shaolin priest Kwai Chang Caine wanders into town. He quickly befriends a Shaolin Master, Lo Si, Chinatown's apothecary and leader of the Chinese community. After earning the trust of Chinatowns' residents, Caine agrees to help them fight the mysterious and vicious crime lord, Tan.

Meanwhile across town, an attempted robbery at a local nightclub, (Agrippa Club) is underway until Peter, a police detective at the 101st precinct, pulls a crazy stunt to prevent it. While Peter is hailed a hero, and enjoys the attention, those feelings aren't shared by those closest to him. His ex-girlfriend, singer Tyler Smith, thinks he's crazy, and his foster father and police captain, Paul Blaisdell, is so concerned about Peter's erratic reckless behavior, he orders his son to meet him in front of the coroner's office, where he hoped the location would make an impression on his son. Instead, Peter begs Blaisdell for the assignment to go undercover as a hit man to infiltrate Tan's criminal empire.

Against the captain's better judgment, he reluctantly agrees, giving Peter the alias Peter McCabe. As McCabe, Peter proves his marksmanship skills, and is hired by Tan. What Peter does not know, (including Caine), is that Tan is also the same renegade priest Dao, who had destroyed the temple fifteen years ago.

At city hall, the mayor, along with his press secretary, Marilyn Drake, are bombarded by the media, demanding an end to Tan's terror spree. To save face with the voters, the mayor puts intense pressure on several of the police precincts, ordering them to bring Tan to justice.

Days later, Caine rescues Lo Si from a burning building, but collapses in the ally, unaware he's being watched. Noticing the tiger and dragon marks burned into Caine's forearms, Peter realizes the rescuer is a Shaolin priest. Curious if the priest had known his father, he follows the pair to the hospital, ignoring Tan's henchmen, city officials, and citizens, who watch from a distance as firefighters fight the fire. Marilyn tries to speak with the locals, but most are too terrified to speak on camera and avoid her. At the hospital, Peter is determined to speak with the priest, but upon seeing him, discovers the man is his father. Father and son are reunited.

Upon his release from the hospital, Caine goes to Lo Si's residence to recover any belongings that might have survived the fire. Peter follows, giving a very brief description of what had happened to him since the temple's destruction, including his time in an orphanage. When Caine becomes interested, Peter carefully skimps on providing further details about the orphanage, and downplaying Paul Blaisdell's role in his life. He admits Blaisdell took him out of the orphanage and threw him into the police academy, peeking Caine's curiosity. Peter then reveals he's a detective, working undercover, and not the hit man the locals believe, which pleases Caine.

When the tables are turned and Peter presses his father for information on the priest's activities during the missing fifteen years, the conversation is interrupted by the discovery of Marilyn eavesdropping. She promises to keep Peter's secret, and leaves after confirming they are father and son.

Outside, Marilyn is grabbed, shoved into a car, and taken to Tan's headquarters. Instead of fearing the crime lord, Marilyn slaps the man, threatening him for the harsh treatment, then surprisingly forgives him before they embrace. She is also his informant.

She tells Tan of the mayor's next public location, marking the politician for assassination, then warns Tan that his latest hit man is an undercover police officer, and the son of his most hated enemy, Kwai Chang Caine.

The news shocks Tan. He quickly retaliates by having Peter kidnapped, and used as bait to lure Caine to him. After Caine stops the mayor's assassination, he finally confronts Tan. During the battle, Peter is shot, giving Tan the opportunity to escape. Later, father and son attempt to get reacquainted.





Shadow Assassin

Season 1. Episode 3 

First aired: 02/01/1993


Author Everett Cooper being interviewed by the news media over his latest book about

a secret death cult.





Kira becomes the latest victim

of the Chi'Ru.



The Chi'Ru wants Caine to

stop protecting Cooper, and

tries to offer him a deal.




After refusing the Chi'Ru's

offer to not protect the author,

Caine faces the killer.




Cooper gives another televised interview, thanking Caine for

saving his life, while Ariel and

Peter watch.


When author (Everett Cooper) reveals secrets of an clandestine cult in his latest book, he starts receiving death threats. Terrified that an assassin is now targeting him, Cooper requests police protection. While watching Cooper give interviews on television, Captain Blaisdell assigns Peter a new partner, a very close friend, Kira Blakemore. Together, they become the author's bodyguards.

In downtown Chinatown, Ariel, a homeless teenager, attempts to steal Caine's wallet, only to discover the priest doesn't have one. In a show of compassion, Caine offers the young woman a temporary home at his kwoon, where he will teach her kung-fu so she can defend herself on the streets. Ariel accepts the offer and Caine gives her his coat to keep her warm while he and Lo Si head to another destination.

Cooper has decided to 'stick to Peter like glue' because according to Everett, he wants protection. Peter takes Everett to meet his father, only to find Ariel walking the streets wearing his father's jacket. Believing the young woman had stolen it, he confronts Ariel, who explains how she got the coat, and then shocks Peter with the news Caine plans to prepare for the fight of his life, and both could be found at the Golden Dragon.

The trio go the the Chinese restaurant, where Peter tells his father and Lo Si of the recent murder of Cooper's researcher, Lei Hei. He shows Caine a photo of the symbol discovered on the victim's forehead, and Caine realizes the killer is a Chi'Ru - a shadow assassin, a creature that is half human, half phantom, who can kill with his thoughts.

Relieved someone finally believes him, Cooper is reluctant to leave, asking Caine if he would tell him more about the shadow assassin at another time. Caine simply tells him he will never see the assassin. He kills with his thoughts. After Peter leaves with Cooper, Ariel asks if Caine is scared, and the priest admits that he is.  Across the street, he catches a glance of the Chi'Ru. The shadow assassin had been watching him.

Later that evening, Cooper makes a complete nuisance of himself. Too afraid to be left alone, he interrupts Peter and Kira's romantic dinner at a Greek restaurant. Claiming he needs 24/7 protection, Cooper follows the couple outside, where they hear noises coming from the alleyway. An attempted mugging is prevented, and while Peter calls in the crime, Kira goes to arrest the lone mugger who disappeared into the shadows. Instead she comes face to face with the Chi'Ru, who kills her, becoming another victim of the Shadow Assassin.

Several days later, after Kira's funeral, Peter goes to Nickie Elder's office, where the coroner is unable to find a cause of death. He simply states it appears the victims were scared to death. In an effort to reassure his friend, Nickie promises Peter he will find what killed Kira.

Meanwhile across town, the Chi'Ru Master and Caine finally meet at the Golden Dragon. The Chi'Ru Master makes an unusual request. If Caine does not interfere in Cooper's assassination, then the Chi'Ru Master will leave once his business with Cooper is finished. Caine refuses. Ariel notices the fear in Caine, understanding the man who had just left had caused it. She tells Caine the writer is at his kwoon, scared to death. Caine tells Ariel not to return to the Kwoon because she would be in danger. Caine returns to his kwoon to prepare for the upcoming battle with the Chi'Ru.

Cooper is waiting for Caine, who confesses that the reason the Chi'Ru is after him is because he had betrayed the Shaolin secrets, especially about the Chi'Ru Masters in order to write his book. Caine denies that is the reason, instead reveals Cooper had stolen an exquisite tiny jeweled horse necklace, a sacrosanct to the Shaolin, from the Shaolin temple he had visited the last time he was in China. Cooper confesses and believes if giving the necklace back, the Chi'Ru would not demand his life. Caine is unsure if returning the stolen necklace would satisfy the Chi'Ru's thirst for vengeance. 

Peter learns from Nickie that the Chi'Ru's victims had been poisoned, found only in a rare root herb. Satisfied the Chi'Ru is nothing more than a murderer, and not the phantom slayer his father believes, Peter confronts his father with the autopsy reports. Caine is not convinced. Frustrated, Peter pulls his gun and points it at his father, demanding to know the Chi'Ru master's location. Caine simply lowers the gun, kisses his son on the forehead before whispering that the weapon can not be fired unless the safety is off, before disappearing, leaving a devastated Peter behind. Believing Ariel might know where to find Caine, Ariel admits she overheard the Chi'Ru Master mention an abandoned soy bean factory.

Caine then goes to an abandon building where the Chi'Ru is waiting. Cooper is there too. The Chi'Ru refuses to accept the offer of returning the sacrosanct, then demands Cooper's death. Caine once again refuses, and becomes Cooper's protector. The battle begins and Caine is victorious. The victory is bittersweet, the Chi'Ru Master has disappeared into the fog. While Peter is convinced the killer had crawled off to die somewhere, Caine knows they will meet again another day.






Sunday At the Hotel With George


Episode information. Season 1. Episode 4. 

First aired: 02/08/1993


Caine meets the Blaisdells,

Paul and Annie, the family who

raised Peter.



George threatens the wedding

guests if anyone interferes in

his plans.



then kidnaps Kelly to make

his point.


Peter fights his fear of heights

while he and Caine descend downward in an elevator shift.


A rescued Kelly and a

relived Peter.


Kelly, Carolyn, and Paul.

At the last minute, the wedding reception of Todd and Carolyn Blaisdell McCall are changed to the Sutton Place Hotel, which causes a great inconvenience to George Malovich, an ex-KGB agent, and his crew, who had planned to rob the hotel's safe. Pretending to be construction workers, sent to complete renovations on the 30th floor, George tricks the hotel's manager, Hans Gerhardt into revealing the party's location on the rooftop ballroom. Gerhardt, so proud of the hotel's reputation, starts boasting where the 'special' guests' safe deposit boxes are kept -locked inside an impenetrable vault on the same floor George's construction company is now working.

To prevent any of the hotel staff from bothering the workers, Gerhardt states the elevators have been programmed to bypass the 30th floor. Satisfied, Gerhardt leaves, and seconds later, Becker, a henchman of George, has Andrei, an master computer hacker, by the arm, telling George that the hacker had tried to escape twice. Andrei, who's dying, refuses to cooperate with George.

George then threatens Andrei, vowing if Andrei does not deactivate the vault, when instructed, George will have his family slaughtered with one phone call. Andrei reluctantly agrees to do as George orders, then George orders one of his men to escort Andrei to the room next to the vault. After Andrei leaves, George orders the 30th floor shut off. Suddenly, the elevator door opens, revealing Peter, several wedding guests, including two young girls who wonder why the workers are just standing around.

While George pacifies the girls' curiosity, Peter notices one of the workers' guns via way of the wall's glass reflection. Pretending not to notice, Peter presses the elevator button and the doors close. George berates the careless worker, telling him that Peter is the cop, the same one who had shot up the night club on Chestnut, and no doubt part of the wedding reception going on upstairs. Now thanks to the careless worker, the cops will now become suspicious. He then tells several of his men to get out of their overalls, slash on some aftershave because they are about to crash a party. Knowing the hotel is mostly empty due to it being the off season, George quickly orders the elevators, with the exception of one, to be shut down and to secure the stairs so nobody upstairs can escape.

Upstairs, Paul is thanking Caine for blessing his daughter, Carolyn's wedding, and asks how he is handling the reunion with his son. Caine states, rage, pleasure and hope, all sounds from the same flute. When Blaisdell asks what that means, Caine simply says as best as he can. It is then that Annie tells Caine his benediction was beautiful, and that step mothers and long-lost fathers need to stick together. Caine asks Annie if she has always been blind. Annie explained when she was three months old, she was hospitalized with whooping cough, and the nurse had accidentally turned up the oxygen just a tad too high. She then tells Caine she's disappointed because most people who first meet her don't realize she's blind. Caine simply tells her that he can see beyond the eyes. Annie agrees and confesses that her other senses are intensified so well that she can hear soda being splashed into a highball glass from 50 yards. The two continue their conversation, talking about Peter's mother, Laura, and how Annie is the only mother Peter knows. The remark pleases Annie, who says, she is going to really like Caine. 

Meanwhile, Peter discovers Malovich and several of his men have crashed the wedding reception and confronts George. George calmly states the reception will continue uninterrupted while he robs the hotel. He then threatens to kill everyone in the reception if Peter attempts to tell anyone what he has been told. To keep Peter's cooperation, George then claims they have kidnapped Kelly Blaisdell as insurance. George leaves, and Peter finds his father near the bar. Caine knows what is happening and tells Peter that George has no honor, and therefore, will not keep his word. Kelly's life is in extreme danger, and they must act.

Caine and Peter consult with Blaisdell, who conceives a bold plan, while he, Strenlich and Blake handle George's cronies in the ballroom, Peter and Caine will rescue Kelly. Unable to use the elevators or the stairways, Peter must deal with his acrophobia if they have a chance to reach the lower hotel floors.

On the 30th floor, Andre suffers what appears to be a heart attack. He begs George for his medication, George orders one of his men to go downstairs to the hotel's pharmacy to have the prescription filled. Later, after the flunky returns with the medicine, George demands Andréa unlock the vault before he gives him the pills. When Andre does, George reneges on his word, refusing to give the man the pills. Instead, George claims Andre had betrayed him in the past, now he is returning the favor. George leaves the ill man behind to die while he and a few of his men go retrieve the valuables inside the vault.

Caine and Gerhardt arrive in time to save Andre. Andre then reveals George's whereabouts. and Gerhardt alerts the police to Malovich's location. Meanwhile Becker tries to force himself on Kelly, but Peter prevents it, fighting with Becker, allowing Kelly to escape. Peter uses the knife he had smuggled out of the kitchen to stab Becker, who's attempting to strangle him. As Kelly runs down the hallway, she is grabbed by another henchman, Vallance. When Peter comes down the hallway, the two have a standoff. Kelly bites Vallance's hand, freeing herself, giving Peter a chance to shoot. At the other end of the hallway, Caine has taken out the remaining bad guys on the floor. However, during the scuffle, George escapes.

Upstairs, after the bad guys have been taken into custody, and the hotel secured, family pictures are being made. Peter is reluctant to join the family, fearing his father's disapproval, but Caine convinces him to join the family, because a man with two families is truly blessed.






Sacred Trust


Episode information. Season 1. Episode 5. 

First aired: 02/15/1993


Tim attacks Rico, after refusing

to help commit another robbery.



Peter and Burt disagree over

Caine's past.





A background check reveals

Caine had been charged in

Moab, Utah, seven years ago

for attempted murder and

resisting arrest. The charges

were later dropped.

After Caine's escape, Burt  is determined to rearrested him.

Tracking Rico


After Rico is captured and arrested, Caine is released.

Tim and Rico, rival gang members, arrive in Caine's Kwoon, both are his students. Lo Si, Tim's uncle tells his nephew to leave because he brings shame to himself and the family, while the Kwoon and Caine offer the people hope. Tim insults his uncle, demanding 'the old man' to stop interfering. He and Rico walk away to discuss business.

Due to Rico's expertise with unlocking valuable things, Tim wants his help for one more robbery. Rico refuses. Even with Rico's girlfriend pleading for Tim's assistance, Tim continues to refuse. A fight between the two ensues. Caine breaks it up, and after Tim leaves the Kwoon in anger, Rico apologizes to Caine for disturbing the class. He then leaves out the back door to avoid Tim.

Hours later, Peter is at a night club, attempting to weasel his way out of an arm wrestling contest with a female champion when he gets a phone call that someone has been killed at his father's place. Fearing for his father's life, Peter hurries out the door and drives to the Kwoon, where Detective Burt is arresting Caine for the murder of Tim.

Burt claims Caine had the motive and the weapon. When Peter demands proof, Burt states that the murder happened in Caine's home. Caine was the only one home, and witnesses said he had been arguing with the victim. The murder weapon belongs to Caine. It is his ceremonial Shaolin dagger, which Peter recognizes as the one he had previously gave back to his father a few weeks ago. Caine's fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

Peter presses his father for details, and Caine states he heard a noise and came downstairs. Tim was dead. Before Peter can question his father further, Burt gets aggressive, and accuses Peter of interfering in his case. When Caine is lead out of the kwoon, several locals are shocked to see the priest being arrested.

Caine's attention is suddenly drawn to Lo Si, who is muttering something that only Caine can understand.

At the precinct, Caine is being booked, and fingerprinted. Burt demands some proof of identification, which Caine does not possess, not even a driver's license, or a social security number. This infuriates Burt, who believes Caine is hiding something.

In Blaisdell's office, Peter and Paul are trying to put the pieces together. Blaisdell asks if Caine could be protecting someone, while Peter wants to do his own investigation. After Paul warns him not to step on too many toes, (meaning Burt, who is the detective in charge), he ponders what a background check would turn up on Caine, Peter replies it might give him an idea where his father has been all these years.

Peter then goes downstairs to visit his father, who want Peter to get him out of jail. Peter claims since Caine is being charged with murder, bail is impossible. Caine is persistent, claiming it is important that he is free. When Peter asks him to name the person he is protecting, Caine refuses, telling his son that he can not tell him anymore than he already has or he would be revealing more than he wished to share. All Caine will say is the dagger did not do the killing.

Frustrated, Peter goes to see Nickie, hoping the precinct's coroner could prove clues to the murder. It isn't until Nickie learns that the murder suspect is Peter's father, and the dagger wasn't the murder weapon, does Nickie become serious and promises his friend to find the truth.

While Peter visits Lo Si to learn more about Rico, Caine feigns craziness, scaring other prisoners until the police take him out of the holding tank and toss him into a solitary cell. When Peter returns to the precinct, Burt tells him what happened, and calls Caine a fraud, and not the pacifist he wants Peter and everyone else to believe he is. Peter refuses to believe the detective until Burt shows Peter evidence that Caine has an arrest record, and while the witness changed his story, Burt isn't convinced of Caine's innocence.

Peter then goes back downstairs to once again visit his father and discovers Caine has escaped. To keep anyone from learning of the escape, Peter tells the officers that Caine is meditating, something that keeps him calm.

Upstairs, Peter goes into Paul's office, and closes the door, drawing Burt's attention. Peter slides in front of the desk, and before he has a chance to speak, Paul says no. Peter's usual 'What?" is met with Paul's explanation of recognizing Peter's sliding habit as a prelude to asking for something he knew was going to be denied. Forced to confess, Peter tells Paul that Caine has escaped and only the two of them know.

When Paul learns of Peter's fear that some cop, convinced of Caine's guilt, will shoot first and ask questions later, he agrees to give his son two hours before he announces a prisoner escape. Peter hurries to Caine's Kwoon, knowing his father is there. Caine says the reason he had to escape was to save another man's life. Unfortunately, Burt, who had followed Peter, arrives to re-arrest Caine. When he threatens to report Peter for aiding a fugitive, Peter knocks him unconscious, and father and son sit in the darkness, waiting until Lo Si arrives.

Lo Si blames himself for his nephew's negative lifestyle, and believes he had killed the young man when they had fought. Both Caine and Peter convince the older priest that while he had gone for help after rendering his nephew unconscious, someone else had entered the Kwoon and strangled Tim. Satisfied Lo Si will not commit suicide, Peter demands Caine return to jail while he goes to arrest the real killer - Rico.

Following Rico's girlfriend, Peter finds Rico inside an apartment, and the two have a violent confrontation. Peter is outmatched in the fight until he begins to remember his early training.

After Caine is released from jail, Peter tells his father he would like to continue his kung fu lessons.






Force of Habit

Episode information. Season 1. Episode 6. 

First aired: 02/22/1993


Peter and Marty following



Marty and his wife, Emily.



Caine speaks with Marty about

the violence that surrounds his life.


While Marty reconciles with his

family, Peter begins questioning himself.

Peter's new partner, Marty Stramm has a vendetta against vicious criminal gunrunner, John Oland, who killed his former partner. Stramm's frustrations over his failure to arrest Oland is amplified when he discovers Oland has received shipments of teflon bullets, and plans to sell them to local criminals. Unable to cope with the stress, Stramm begins taking his frustrations out on his wife, Emily and their son, Billy.

While out on patrol with Peter, Stramm goes home and introduces his family to his new partner. When Peter learns that Billy has been getting beat up at school, he suggests that Emily take Billy to his father's Kwoon to take Kung Fu lessons. Emily accepts the offer and agrees. When she meets Caine, he offers to give her lessons, and mother and son become students.

While Emily and Billy are taking lessons, Peter and Marty get a tip that Oland has been seen in a junkyard. They go there to find evidence. Instead both are ambushed, but manage to make it back to the vehicle, only to face a very angry Strenlich.

Strenlich is livid, he single-handedly blames Stramm for the mishap in how the junkyard bust was handled. When Peter tries to defend his partner, Frank fires back that Marty's irrational behavior almost got Peter killed. He then threatens to pull both men off the Oland case but only relents after Peter promises that in one day they will have the evidence needed to arrest Oland. 

Once again frustrated over the ruined bust, Marty returns home and learns Emily has been taking Kung Fu lessons. The news infuriates him because he considers kung fu worthless. When he demands his wife stop the lessons, and Emily refuses, an argument ensues. With Caine's help and her new found self-esteem, Emily stands up to Marty's abusive behavior.

Unable to handle his wife's defiance, Marty beats her up.

Meanwhile, trusting his instinct, Peter returns to the junkyard and finds the ammunition. However, he becomes trapped when a guard dog alerts Oland and his men of his whereabouts. Across town, in a bar, Caine is trying to help Marty come to terms with his anger issues. While there, they learn that Peter is in danger. They hurry to the junkyard, and the three overpower the bad guys.

When they return to the precinct, Billy is waiting, with Marty's spare weapon in hand, ready to kill his abusive father. Caine intervenes, and then Marty begs his family for another chance. He resigns from the force and moves away from the city and the violence.

Later the next day, Peter is conflicted, believing there isn't much difference between him and Marty. There have been times when he, like Marty, has hurt people and at times, killed them. Caine tries to convince his son that when that happened, he had no choice. Peter counters that Caine keeps reminding him that there is always another choice.

Caine simply shrugs his shoulder and tells him that he must find a path through them. Peter is unconvinced, and tells his father he has to go to work.





Pai Gow

Episode information. Season 1. Episode 7. 

First aired: 03/01/1993


Pai Gow, a tile gambling





Quo Chen, rewards gambling

debts with mutilation.





The death tile.





Caine catches Quo Chen's


In Chinatown, another mysterious mutilated victim is found murdered. Each victim is Chinese and male.

The police are unable to find any leads due to a wall of silence. The citizens are hesitate to speak with outsiders, especially those who do not know their culture, respect their ways, or even speak their language.

When another victim is find murdered, his grand daughter, Jennifer Sung, finally breaks the wall of silence and agrees to speak with the detective in charge - Peter.

At first Peter is treated as an outsider, but when he starts speaking fluent Chinese, the residents slowly start trusting the detective, and then begin telling him about the horrifying crimes. 

A pattern quickly emerges - each victim had been heavily in debt to a professional Chinese gambler. After they were killed, a death tile was found in their possession.

After Peter asks Paul for gambling money along with the approval to go undercover to find the killer, he stops by the Kwoon to tell his father of his plans, and show him the tiles.

Caine, with a history in gambling, recognizes the game is Pai Gow, and the death tile had been added to the game.

Caine states that adding such a tile to the game was a dishonor for the Chinese. Wanting to confront the shameful professional gambler and protect Peter, Caine joins his son, and Jennifer, in going undercover to flush out the murderer.

As Caine starts winning, it draws the interest of those operating in another part of the building.

When asked if the game is challenging, Caine replies with a boast ofl, 'I am rarely challenged.' and that he has been more stimulated by steamed rice. The remarks gets him an invitation to join in a more higher stakes game.

Continuing to play the role of a high stakes gambler, Caine only accepts if Peter and Jennifer, whom he calls his good luck charms, are allowed to accompany him. It is agreed, and the trio follow the men to another area of the building that is only opened for a select few private individuals. 

Once seated, Caine enters the deadly game with the Chinese gambler known as Quo Chen. As the game begins, Peter studies the competitors, their associates, and for any sign of trouble. Caine focuses on keeping Quo Chen's attention by keeping the game interesting.

When Quo Chen's method of intimidating his opponent fails to phase Caine, he ups the ante of the game, using the death tile.

Unlike other competitors, the death tile doesn't bother Caine's card playing strategy. Caine wins the game, making Quo Chen lose face. It draws the interest of others.

The more Caine wins, the more frustrated Quo Chen becomes.

Winning another hand, and Caine's luck still holding, Quo Chen then becomes hostile and attempts to kill his adversary, only to have Caine beat him again.

Quo Chen vows his honor will be restored at the priest's expense. Movement from behind begins. However, Peter kicks out, knocking Quo Chen's men from following their boss' order. Quo Chen is then faced with losing his honor twice, as well as being arrested.

Later Peter asks how Caine knew he would remember the lesson to kick out on cue. Caine shocks him by answering he didn't. Peter is astonished because Quo Chen's men were armed. Caine replies with, "In trust, as in love, there's always a risk."






Episode information. Season 1. Episode 8. 

First aired: 02/08/1993


Jake, Caine's latest student.



Caine teaches Peter while Jake listens.



Being the son of Kwai Chang

Caine is not easy



Lula and Donnie learn the

location of the next street fight.

Marie and Sweet, operate and organize an underground illegal fighting ring. The contestants fight to the death, and many are either lured in via money or blackmailed and threatened into entering the games. In a back street in Chinatown, a crowd has gathered, cheering on the latest battling contestants.

Out in the crowd, a young woman urgently tries to stop the fight, only to be met with resistance. Realizing her father, one of the contestants, doesn't stand a chance, and is in serious trouble, hurries to the Kwoon to get Caine's help.

Just as Caine arrives, the contestant is killed, and while everyone, including the crowd disappears, Marie remains. The daughter accuses Marie of killing her father, which Marie claims he never touched the man. Caine tells Marie there is a word for people who profit off other people's pain and misery. When Marie mentions entrepreneur. Caine response with the word coward. While Caine consoles the young woman, Marie walks off.

A few days later, Jake Hudson arrives at the Kwoon and asks Caine to teach him. Although Jake is a martial artists, he wants Caine to teach him more than just martial arts. Caine agrees, and Jake becomes Caine's latest student.

When Peter walks in during one of Jake and Caine's sessions, Caine introduces his student to his son. Peter waits until Jake leaves and then wants to know what more Caine can teach Jake since the man already knows martial arts.

Caine tries to explain, revealing how Jake seeks answers Peter has yet to comprehend, but Peter becomes jealous, believing his father considers Jake the 'son', he isn't. Recalling incidents at the temple, when teachers would belittled him, telling him as the son of Kwai Chang Caine, he should strive to be better, work harder, not be inferior, which he represents. The taunts would follow Peter into adulthood, and now that Jake has become Caine's special student, Peter believes he isn't worthy to be Caine's son.

After a disagreement with his father, Peter leaves the Kwoon feeling rejected. At the precinct, Donny Double D, Peter's snitch, is waiting for him with news of an illegal fighting ring where contestants fight to the death.  Donny takes Peter to an undisclosed location to where a fight is taking place.  There Peter is shocked to discover that Jake is a contestant in the illegal sport. 

Angered that Caine's teachings are being used to make an illegal profit, Peter confronts the street fighter. Jake tries to tell Peter something but fears their conversation might be overheard. Peter however doesn't want to hear any of Jake's excuses. He goes to the Kwoon and tells his father what he has uncovered. Skeptical, Caine wants to hear Jake's story, and together, both learn the reason behind Jake's involvement in the deadly matches. His family is being threatened.

As the opponent, a killer, Leo the Lionheart approaches, taunting any who may oppose him, Jake steps up, but Caine stops him. He refuses to allow any harm to come to one of his students. He defeats the underground champion, saving Jake and his family, as well as the lives of other forced combatants. Peter arrests Marie who claims he will be out before Peter could finish the report. Later, back at the Kwoon, Caine tells Jake he will be a master, and Peter, although has much to learn, is a good student.





Episode information. Season 1. Episode 9. 

First aired: 02/15/1993


Lo Si surrounded by Jack,

Tan, and Chan




Security cameras spy and

record everything.



Walking into Tan's replica

of the temple.

Returning under the cover of darkness, ex-Shaolin priest and now ruthless crime lord, Tan returns to Chinatown to avenge the dishonor bestowed upon him after Caine drove him from the city. His associate, Chan doesn't agree but accepts his boss's reasoning.

After an attempt on Peter's life fails, Tan has his second in command, Chan, and his enforcer, Jack Wong, kidnap the ancient as bait to lure Caine into a deadly showdown.

Chan goes to Caine's Kwoon to deliver Tan's challenge. Peter prefers to arrest the arrogant Chan, but Caine permits Chan to leave unmolested so that Tan will know he has accepted the challenge, if only to keep his honor.

According to the challenge, Peter is allowed to accompany his father, but only after he leaves his weapon outside. At first Peter refuses, but when Caine tells him he can not go inside with the weapon, Peter reluctantly places his weapon on the sidewalk and follows Caine inside the building. Inside, unknown to the Caines', the building is heavily monitored. Security cameras are everywhere, allowing Tan to watch and hear everything. During a private conversation between father and son, Tan is so consumed with jealousy and anger that all he can do is stare into the screen.

While Tan watches as the Caines' battle the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth, Lo Si insults the former ex-Shaolin, calling him a centipede. Tan ignores the insult, but Jack retaliates by stabbing the ancient in the thigh, laughing maniacally, seeming enjoy hurting the old man. The act is reprimanded by Tan, who then orders his men to take Lo Si to an air chamber and to have the air removed. He knows if the ancient dies while under Caine's care, it would mentally destroy the Shaolin. 

After Peter and Caine rescue the ancient, and the trio tracks Tan to a replica of the same temple. Tan then demands Caine to come forward to face him. Jack, Chan, and several of Tan's men appear out of the shadows, holding Peter and Lo Si hostage, forcing Caine to obey his adversary.

As a fight between the two one time friends unfolds, Peter manages to subdue Jack, take the enforcer's gun and turn it on him, holding him until the police can be alerted. Lo Si handles another henchmen, but Chan stands around, momentarily unsure of his employer's chances. Intrigued, Chan watches the fight between the two priests, enjoying himself.

During the fight, Caine has come to realize that Tan is beyond redemption and is forced to kill him. The action shocks Peter, allowing Jack and Chan to escape.





Rain's Only Friend

Episode information. Season 1. Episode 10.

First aired: 03/29/1993


Peter explaining Eppy to Mary Margaret.


Stella and the Hornet casing

a supermarket.





Mary Margaret and Peter

before I.A.





Eppy isn't impressed with



Michael (Eppy) Epstein, Peter's first partner, shows up at the precinct to compare information about his latest case; A gangster couple, nicknamed Stella and the hornet, who target supermarkets. Eppy meets Peter's night shift partner, Mary Margaret Skalany, who isn't impressed with the macho officer. 

During their patrol, Peter realizes he left his gloves at his father's place, and he and Mary Margaret go to the Kwoon, where Peter introduces his partner to his father. Instant chemistry forms between Caine and Skalany.

After karate chopping a concrete block, chosen by Mary Margaret, Caine leaves the remaining ones untouched, which greatly impresses her. While a clueless Peter finds his gloves, and urges a reluctant-to-leave Skalany to hurry, Caine gives his female admirer a smile that she enjoys.

Later, Skalany and Peter happen upon a supermarket robbery and believing it to be the same couple Eppy had told them about, enter the store to investigate. As the robbery progresses, Peter starts remembering his father's lessons, and hesitates, only to shoot an innocent bystander. While Mary Margaret calls dispatch to report the shooting and request an ambulance, Peter keeps apologizing to the very distraught husband.

Already blaming himself, Peter and Mary Margaret are then interrogated by I. A. over the incident, and a guilt-ridden Peter resigns from the force, much to the dismay of his stunned partner. Skalany tries reasoning with him, but her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Eppy learns from Skalany that Peter has resigned. At first, he believes it's a joke, only to learn it's the truth. He visits Peter at home, picking the lock when he discovers the occupant isn't home. Deciding to wait, Eppy makes himself at home. Within moments, the door opens revealing Caine, who has arrived to speak with his son. Eppy accuses Caine of abandoning his son, and the two clash until Peter arrives, then Eppy chastises his ex-partner for quitting a case before it's finished. He finally manages to talk Peter into going with him so they could set up a sting at a bakery to catch the thieves. While they are leaving, Caine tries desperately to speak with his son alone, but Eppy keeps interfering. The two detectives leave to set up the sting, leaving Caine behind.

While Eppy forces the bakery owners to leave the store, Peter acts as an employee, sweeping the floor. Caine appears, with Mary Margaret, who explains the priest needed to speak with Peter because it was important. Eppy is annoyed, believing Caine would ruin the set up.

Father and son have a heart to heart talk, where Peter tells Caine he knows the priest is disappointed in his life's choices. That he isn't the same person, the little boy, his father remembered at the temple. Caine denies the accusation, claiming Peter is still the same person, and hasn't changed since he was a boy. He states Peter, like when he was a child, still wants to protect the innocent and defend the weak, only now as a police detective. The answer satisfies Peter, who then asks if his father would finally stop slapping him. Caine simply shrugs, stating the slap pushes the lesson in.

Eppy interrupts the conversation, having spotted Stella and the hornet approaching. While the robbery is underway, Peter runs back in the storage room, undresses and pretends to be a crazy man. A fire fight breaks out, and the couple are apprehended, arrested and taken to jail.

Later, while Peter is playing with his train set, Mary Margaret and Caine visit. Skalany teases him before she returns his gun and badge, telling him the resignation was torn up before someone saw it. When Caine announces that he and Mary Margaret are going out for dinner, Peter offers to get his jacket, only to be told he isn't invited. As the couple leave the apartment, Peter is left wondering what is happening between his father and his partner.






Secret Place

Episode information. Season 1. Episode 11. 

First aired: 04/05/1993

Directed by William Shatner.


Max Forrester takes hostages.


SWAT Commander Styles with hostage negotiator Molly



Blaisdell and Styles disagree.


Caine catches the vial just

in time.


Peter feels responsible.


Maxwell (Max) Forrester, a schizophrenic and ex-demolitions expert, carjacks a school bus and uses the passengers, a science class and their teacher, as hostages.

SWAT Commander, Bartlett Styles, and Captain Blaisdell are alerted, and a hostage negotiator, Molly (Frank's wife) Strenlich is called in to help free the hostages and attempt to talk Max into surrendering.

While Molly tries to negotiate, Max becomes hostile and opens fire on several police officers who were attempting to sneak up on him.

Molly is forced to retreat.

Styles grows impatient with the failed attempts to end the situation peacefully, and orders the bus stormed. Fearing the hostages will be harmed or worse -killed, Blaisdell disagrees and strongly voices his opposition, forcing Styles to withdraw the order. Styles isn't thrilled, mainly because Blaisdell is overshadowing him, but he relents, and promises Blaisdell he will wait....for now.

Peter arrives, with Caine tagging along, wanting a chance to speak with Forrester. He had arrested Max three years earlier and knows how to deal with the troubled man. Blaisdell is willing to let his detective have the chance, but Styles refuses.

While Blaisdell and Caine are disagreeing, Peter uses the distraction to approach the bus, disobeying Styles' order.

Styles, furious at having his authority challenged, orders his men to shoot the detective. Blaisdell confronts Styles, and Caine manages to disarm the men before the order can be obeyed.

Inside the bus, Peter persuades Max to release all of the hostages in exchange for himself. He promises to take Max to a secret place, away from all the distraction the police have created.

Max is hesitant at first, then when Peter starts quoting movie lines, Max engages, convincing him that he can be trusted. With the exception of one student, the one who had stood up to him, and the teacher, Max releases the remaining hostages.

To get a message to Paul and Caine, so his fathers would know exactly where he is taking Max, and the two hostages, Peter cons Max into making the carjacker believe they need more gas to make the trip. Max is suspicious, but when Peter suggests his father, not a police officer, bring the gas to the bus, Max relents.

Caine arrives with a can of gasoline, and while Peter is filling the bus, he tells his father his plan. He is taking the bus to a secret place. Before the conversation can continue, Max orders Peter back on the bus.

Caine relays the message to Blaisdell, and both try to figure out any location that might have a body of water nearby.

Using several city maps, they realize the bus is heading for an industrial building near a pond. Together, along with the police and SWAT, they hurry to the location.

Inside the building, Max starts talking nonsense, making Peter realize Max is once more becoming unstable. Before Peter can react, Max unexpectedly turns on Peter, shooting him in the shoulder, and leaving him behind.

Going down a flight of stairs, Max starts talking about his daughter to the science teacher, and after the teacher promises to look after his daughter, he releases her and the remaining student.

As Blaisdell and Caine arrive, the SWAT team storms the building, aiming their weapons at Max, demanding his immediate surrender. Instead, Max gets on a lift and dares the SWAT team to shoot him. 

Against Blaisdell and Peter's protests, Styles shoots the madman causing the vial to drop. Fortunately, Caine catches the vial, thus preventing a catastrophe.  However, Peter's failure to save Max leaves the young detective shattered. Caine tries to help his son realize he did indeed take Max to a secret place, but Peter doesn't agree and asks to be left alone.









Dragon's Eye

Episode information. Season 1. Episode 12. 

First aired: 04/14/1993


Grant threatening anyone

who enters his domain.





Dr. Sabourin and Caine discuss

the Dragon's Eye plant.





Caine plots to reenter

the woods.

Cunning vigilante survivalist Grant, wanted by the FBI,  has taken over Park Ridge woods. To prevent anyone from finding him, he sets deadly traps throughout the park, daring anyone to enter without his consent.

Meanwhile at the hospital, a young girl, Suzanna Duncan suffers from a rare form of leukemia. Dr. Sabourin informs the parents that the medical community has done everything humanly possible. When pressed for another option, Dr. Sabourin suggests Suzanna's only hope now rests in the Shaolin priest, Kwai Chang Caine. When the parents asks for his help, Dr. Sabourin sends them to Chinatown, to Caine.

During his examination, the priest reveals that the girl's only hope is within a special plant called 'Dragon's Eye'. He creates a special brew using the only plant he has, and it seems the girl is cure. However it doesn't last and Suzanna is taken back to the hospital.

Caine then informs the parents and Dr. Sabourin that the reason the cure didn't work was because the Dragon's Eye herb he had wasn't fresh. He intends to find one, and the nearest location is in the Park Ridge woods. Peter learns that his father is walking into danger, hurries to the park to warn Caine. The FBI has roadblocks set up and are refusing to allow anyone into the park until Grant has been captured. Peter sneaks into the park anyway.

Meanwhile deep in the woods, Grant has been tracking Caine, curious why the lone man is alone and unarmed. When he sees Caine take the Dragon Eye from the ground, he makes his presence known, by throwing his hunter's knife in the ground next to Caine. He asks why Caine has entered his woods without his permission and why he has taken the plant from the ground. Caine retrieves the knife and returns it to Grant. He explains he meant no harm. He only sought the plant for medical reasons only. He then asks permission to leave.

Grant allows the request, only Peter misinterprets the knife as a threat to his father, pulls out his gun and demands Grant's surrender. This sets Grant off, who detonates a booby trap and escapes.

The tables have turned, and now escaping the woods with the plant becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse for father and son. Unfortunately too, during their escape, Caine dropped the pouch with the Dragon's Eye and the two much reenter the woods to retrieve Caine's pouch. Grant has set up another trap, using the pouch as a lure. Not heeding Caine's warning, Peter makes the mistake of grabbing for the pouch only to get caught in a trap. Time is running out. The Dragon's Eye plant's freshness only last for four hours.

While Caine doesn't believe Grant is a threat to him, he is forced to disarm and render the man unconscious so that he can rescue Peter and get the plant in time to the hospital to save Suzanna. Once the plant has been delivered, Suzanna is cured and makes a remarkable recovery.


Season One, part Two