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(Series Pilot). Fifteen years after the destruction of his temple and the assumed death of his beloved son, Peter, Shaolin priest Kwai Chang Caine wanders into town.  He quickly befriends a Shaolin Master, Lo Si, Chinatown's apothecary and leader of the Chinese community.  After earning the trust of Chinatowns' residents, he agrees to help them fight the mysterious and vicious crime lord, Tan.

Meanwhile across town, Peter, a police detective at the 101st precinct, has gone undercover as a hit man.  After proving his marksmanship skills, Peter is hired by Tan. What Peter does not know, (including Caine), is that Tan is also the same renegade priest Dao, who had destroyed the temple fifteen years ago.

Days later, Caine rescues Lo Si from a burning building, but collapses in the ally, unaware that someone (Peter) witnessed the incident.  Curious, Peter goes to the hospital, hoping the Shaolin priest might have known his father.  It is there that father and son are reunited, and Caine learns that his son is not a hit man, but an undercover police officer.

After they end Tan's reign of terror, both father and son attempt to get reacquainted.




Shadow Assassin

  When author (Everett Cooper) reveals secrets of an clandestine cult in his latest book, he starts receiving death threats.  Terrified that an assassin is now targeting him, Cooper requests police protection and Blaisdell assigns Peter, and his close friend Kira Blakemore as the author's bodyguards.

When Cooper's aid and Kira are murdered, both bearing the Chinese sign of a cobra on their foreheads, Caine realizes that the killer is the powerful Chi'Ru Master, a creature who can kill with his thoughts.

Knowing his son is grief-stricken over Kira's death and no match for the phantom assassin, Caine steps in to confront the killer.  The two finally meet in Chinatown, where the Chi'Ru Master makes an unusual request.  If Caine does not interfere in Cooper's assassination, then the Chi'Ru Master will leave once his business with Cooper is finished.

Caine refuses, and the two have a showdown in an abandon building where Caine is victorious.  The victory is bittersweet, the Chi'Ru Master disappears.



Sunday in the Hotel With George

Carolyn's wedding reception at the Sutton Place Hotel gives Caine the opportunity to learn more about the Blaisdells.  Several members of the 101st are in attendance as well.

Also in attendance are members of the 101st, including Strenlich, who this episode reveals is a close Family friend.

Unfortunately, George Malkovich, an ex-KGB agent, and his crew have other ideas.  They plan to rob the hotel's safe.  To prevent any resistance from the wedding guests, George has them confined to the ballroom by shutting down the elevators and ordering all stair exits guarded.  He also kidnaps Kelly Blaisdell to thwart the police from stopping him. 

Blaisdell then conceive a bold plan, while he, Strenlich and Blake handle George's cronies in the ballroom, Peter and Caine will rescue Kelly. 

Peter fights his fear of heights as he and Caine descend an elevator shift to the lower hotel's floors where they rescue Kelly, arrest George's remaining group, but during the scuffle, George disappears.


Sacred Trust

a routine background check reveals that Caine had been charged in 1986, in Moab, Utah, for attempted murder and resisting arrest.  The charges were later dropped.

Caine is arrested and charged with the murder of a gang member.  The victim is Lo Si's nephew, whose body is discovered in Caine's Kwoon, murdered with Caine's ceremonial Shaolin dagger. 

Lo Si blames himself for his nephew's negative lifestyle, vows to commit ritual suicide in atonement.  Caine tries to convince the distraught Lo Si differently, but Detective Burt arrests him before he has the opportunity.

While Peter is out searching for the real killer, Caine gets himself thrown into solitary confinement so he can escape to prevent Lo Si from completing the ritual.  Meanwhile, Peter returns to the precinct, discovers his father's escape, convinces the jailer that his father was still inside the cell meditating.  He finds Caine at the Kwoon, after successfully convincing Lo Si that the elder priest had not been responsible for his nephew's poor choices.

Regrettably, Burt had followed Peter and arrives to re-arrest Caine.  When he threatens to report Peter for aiding a fugitive, Peter knocks him unconscious.  While Caine returns to jail, Peter discovers the real killer is Caine's student, Rico.  Peter is outmatched in the fight 's student until he begins to remember his early training and after Caine is released from jail, Peter tells his father he would like to continue his kung fu training.



Force of Habit

  Peter's new partner, Marty Stramm has a vendetta against vicious criminal gunrunner, Oland, who killed his former partner.  Unable to deal with his failure to arrest Oland, Stramm takes his frustrations out on his wife, Emily and their son, Billy.

An investigation reveals that Oland recently acquired teflon bullets, and Peter and Marty go to a junkyard to find evidence.  After the bust goes sour, Strenlich threatens to pull them off the case.  He believes Stramm's increasing irrational behavior is endangering Peter.  He only relents after Peter promises that in one day they will have the evidence needed to arrest Oland. 

Trusting his instinct, Peter returns to the junkyard and finds the ammunition.  However, he becomes trapped when Oland and his men return.  Meanwhile Caine is trying to help Marty when they learn Peter is in danger.  They hurry to the junkyard, and the three overpower the bad guys.

When they return to the precinct, Billy is waiting, with gun in hand, ready to kill his abusive father.  Caine intervenes, and then Marty begs his family for another chance.  He resigns from the force and moves away from the city and the violence.


Pai Gow

  After a series of mysterious mutilated murders in Chinatown, Peter tries to investigate only to be greeted with a wall of silence.  Only Jennifer Sung, the latest victim's granddaughter, is willing to speak with the outsider.  It's not until he speaks fluent Chinese, does the residents begin to trust the detective and tell him about the horrifying crimes. 

All the victims had been heavily in debt to a professional gambler.

Meanwhile, Caine, having a history in gambling, recognizes that each victim had received the death tile in a game called Pai Gow.  Determined to unmask the murderer, Caine enters the deadly game with the Chinese gamble Quo Chen.

Peter and Jennifer also go undercover, to unmask the murderer as Caine enters the deadly game with the Chinese gambler, Quo Chen.

When Caine bests Chen, the gambler attempts to kill his adversary, only to have Caine win again.



  Jealous of Caine's latest student, Jake Hudson, Peter believes his fathers considers Jake the 'son', he isn't.  After a disagreement with his father, Peter leaves the Kwoon feeling rejected.

At the precinct, Donny Double D, Peter's snitch, is waiting for him with news of an illegal fighting ring where contestants fight to the death. 

Donny takes Peter to an undisclosed location to where a fight is taking place.  There Peter discovers that Jake is a contestant in the illegal sport.  Angered that Caine's teachings are being used to make an illegal profit, Peter confronts the street fighter.  Jake tries to tell Peter something but fears their conversation might be overheard.

Peter leaves and tells Caine what he has uncovered.  Skeptical, Caine wants to hear Jake's story, and together, both Peter and Caine learn the real reason why Jake had been involved in the deadly matches.  His family had been  threatened.

Caine takes Jake's place and defeats the criminal's champion, saving not only Jake's life, his family's, but other forced combatants as well.




  Ex-Shaolin priest and now ruthless crime lord, Tan returns to Chinatown to avenge the dishonor bestowed upon him after Caine drove him from the city.

He has his associates, Chan and Jack Wong, kidnap the ancient as bait to lure Caine into a deadly showdown.  Chan then goes to Caine's Kwoon to deliver Tan's challenge.

Peter prefers to arrest the arrogant Chan, but Caine permits Chan to leave unmolested so that Tan will know he has accepted the challenge, if only to keep his honor.

According to the challenge, Peter is allowed to accompany his father, but only after he leaves his weapon outside.  Reluctantly, Peter places his revolver on the sidewalk and follows Caine inside the building.

While Tan watches as the Caines' battle the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth, he attempts to kill Lo Si, knowing if the ancient dies while under Caine's care will destroy the Shaolin.

Peter and Caine rescue the ancient, and the trio tracks Tan to a replica of the same temple Tan had destroyed.  Believing Tan is beyond redemption, Caine kills him, claiming he had to completely destroy the evil Tan possessed.



Rain's Only Friend

  Michael (Eppy) Epstein, Peter's first partner, shows up at the precinct to compare information about his latest case; A gangster couple, nicknamed Stella and the hornet, who target supermarkets.  Eppy meets Peter's night shift partner, Mary Margaret Skalany, who isn't impressed with the macho officer.  But Mary Margaret is very much impressed with Kwai Chang Caine.

Later, Skalany and Peter happen upon a supermarket robbery and believing it to be the same couple Eppy had told them about, enter the store to investigate. As the robbery progresses, Peter starts remembering his father's lessons, and hesitates, only to shoot an innocent bystander. 

Already blaming himself, Peter and Mary Margaret are then interrogated by I. A. over the incident, and a guilt-ridden Peter resigns from the force, much to the dismay of his stunned partner.

Eppy, hearing the news, visits Peter at home and clashes with Caine over the priest's treatment of his son.  Epstein manages to talk Peter into riding with him and the two set up a sting at a bakery to catch the thieves.  Caine appears, much to Eppy's annoyance, and father and son have a heart to heart talk.


Secret Place

  Maxwell (Max) Forrester, a schizophrenic ex-demolitions expert, carjacks a school bus and uses the passengers, a science class and their teacher, as hostages.

SWAT and Blaisdell are alerted, and after a failed attempt from a hostage negotiator to free the hostages, Bartlett Styles, (SWAT captain), grows impatient and orders the bus stormed.  Blaisdell disagrees, and the order is cancelled...for now.

Peter arrives, with Caine tagging along, wanting a chance to speak with Forrester. He had arrested Max three years earlier and knows how to deal with the troubled man.  Styles refuses, and when Peter disobeys, the SWAT captain orders his men to shoot the detective.  Caine manages to disarm the men before the obey can be obeyed.

Inside the bus, Peter persuades Max to release all of the hostages if he takes him to a safe place.  Max agrees, but keeps one student and the teacher as leverage.  However, once arriving at an industrial building, Max unexpectedly turns on Peter, shooting him in the shoulder.  He then releases the two remaining hostages, after the teacher promises to look after his daughter. 

Armed with a vial of nitro glycerin, Max gets on a lift daring the SWAT team to shoot him.  Against Blaisdell and Peter's protests, Styles shoots the madman causing the vial to drop. Fortunately, Caine catches the vial, thus preventing a catastrophe.  However, Peter's failure to save Max leaves the young detective shattered.



Dragon's Eye

  A young girl suffers from a rare form of leukemia, and her parents and doctor send for Caine.  The priest reveals that the girl's only hope is within a special plant called 'Dragon's Eye'.   But for the remedy to work, the plant/herb must be fresh, and the nearest location is in the Park Ridge woods.

Unbeknownst to Caine, a vigilante survivalist (Grant), wanted by the FBI,  has taken over the park, booby trapping the woods to prevent anyone from entering 'his' woods.

Meanwhile Peter learns that his father is walking into danger, hurries to the park to warn Caine.  When the FBI will not let him into the park, warning the detective of the dangerous Grant, Peter sneaks in anyway.

The hunt for the plant becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse for father and son.


Season One, part Two