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Part 2

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Season 1. Episode 13 

First aired: 05/05/1993


Mike Weston, Annie's former mentor.




Caine assists Annie into

drawing a sketch of her





The suspect




Because the victim was blind, Randall thinks he has beat

the charge.




Paul comforts Annie





Frank brings Annie to the



Annie thanks Caine

After receiving several threatening letters, written in Braille, Annie Blaisdell goes to the Kwoon seeking Caine's help. She waits until Caine dismisses his students so the two could speak in private. At first, Caine believes she is troubled over their son, but Annie calms Caine's fear and begins to tell him about the letters. She believes her former lover, and mentor, Mike Weston, has been writing the letters. She wants to confront Mike, ask him why he is harassing her, but doesn't want her husband to know. She then asks Caine if he will escort her to the hotel where Mike is staying.

Meanwhile at the Blaisdell home, Peter arrives, finding a worried Paul looking for Annie. When Peter suggests she might have gone out, Paul reminds him that she never goes anywhere alone.

Back at the Kwoon, Caine presses Annie about why she hasn't told her husband what has been happening. Annie informs Caine not to misunderstand that she loves Paul unconditionally, but seeing Mike is something she must do alone. Caine doesn't question her further, and agrees to escort her to the hotel.

At the hotel, Caine wants to go upstairs with Annie, but she reassures him that she knows the hotel's layout and can find the elevators by herself. Before she leaves to go upstairs, Annie tells Caine as long as she knows he is in the lobby, she feels perfectly safe. Annie then enters the elevator to go upstairs to speak with Mike.

Upstairs, Mike greets her at the door, with a drink and the two start talking about things in the past. Mike knows she's married to Paul and Peter had been reunited with his biological father. Annie then demands a reason why he is harassing her with the letters and phone calls. Mike denies everything, claiming he would never hurt Annie. She ponders for a moment before she reluctantly accepts his response and apologizes for accusing him. As she leaves the hotel room, Mike offers to walk her to the elevator, but Annie politely refuses.

As she steps off the elevator, she is attacked by an unknown person.

Caine, hearing her calls of distress and screaming his name, rushes to her aid. The attacker seeing Caine arriving, takes off and disappears down the hotel's hallway. 

Annie, seriously injured, is taken to the hospital. Family is quickly notified and rush to the hospital. While waiting for an update, Paul takes his frustrations and helplessness out on Caine. Peter tries to help soften Paul's words, but being caught between two fathers, both blaming themselves for not protecting Annie, is not an easy task.

As Paul goes to be with Annie, reminiscing how the two met, Peter and Caine go to a sleazy night club, the Golden Star, to speak with an undercover officer (Miranda), posing as a strip dancer. Miranda, while enjoying teasing Peter, provides information on several regular customers who were either capable of or bragging about attacking a blind woman, who is the wife of a Metro police captain.

Caine goes to the hospital to visit Annie, he convinces her to see with more than her eyes, and together they make a composite drawing of her attacker.

At the precinct, Peter is doing background checks on the men Miranda had mentioned as possible suspects, when Frank asks for an update on Annie's condition. He then accuses Caine of being responsible, causing an angry Peter to defend his father. Strenlich backs down and admits that he too feels guilty and reveals how much he admires Annie. The feeling is shared as Peter states that Annie is the only mother he has ever known.

Caine appears with the drawing, astonishing both Peter and Frank when Caine reveals who had drawn it.  Peter recognizes the drawing as that of Randall, a known bank robber with a history of threatening his victims into withdrawing their complaints and accusations against him.

Paul is in the waiting room with Kelly and Carolyn, hoping to receive good news on Annie's condition. He suggests to Kelly that she needs to go home due to her college homework, and Carolyn, following her father's lead, volunteers her husband, Todd to help her sister, claiming he is a math whiz. As the young women leave, Mike Weston appears, asking for any update on Annie's condition. Paul accuses Mike of luring Annie to his hotel room, and then attacking her.

Mike denies everything, claiming he had only heard of Annie's attack via way of the radio. He admits that he has always held a deep affection for Annie, and Annie also knew they had a special relationship, that of teacher and mentor. Paul disagrees, stating that Mike betrayed and destroyed that relationship when he overstepped those boundaries. Mike says that Blaisdell won, what more does he want? Annie chose Paul, not him. The comment leaves Paul temporary stunned until a doctor arrives with the news that Annie can be released from the hospital.

At the Golden Star, Miranda is dancing in front of a memorized Strenlich, and Caine and Peter go in search of Randall and his men.

Randall is playing pool and Peter interrupts the game, stating all the charges Randall had been accused. Randall boldly states the charges never stuck because the victims never identified him in court, and with the latest victim being blind, he couldn't be charged for that crime either. Peter then pulls out the drawing Annie, with Caine's help, had sketched and calmly puts it down on the pool table. He then points at the sketch and states the drawing is Randall.

Randall tries to escape, but Peter tackles and arrests him for Annie's assault. Caine takes out the other men who had attempted to help Randall escape. While Peter handcuffs Randall, Randall admits that Mike Weston had paid him to attack Annie.

At the Blaisdell home, Paul is hit from behind and knocked unconscious by a mercenary while Mike and several other mercenaries attack the house planning to lure Annie outside. Just as smoke fills the house, Annie mistakenly believes the house is on fire.

Caine comes out of nowhere, reminding her to use her other senses - if the house was really on fire, wouldn't she hear the sounds of cracking and burning wood. He then reveals that it is only smoke, a ploy to lure her out of the house and into a trap.

Caine then leads her to a safe place.

Caine then takes out the mercenaries, many inside the greenhouse. Mike appears dazed and confused. As Caine assists him, he has to calm Paul down, who was on the verge of attacking Mike. It is then that Caine reveals that Mike is sick and isn't responsible for his actions. Annie comes out of the house, screaming for Paul, who quickly hurries to her side.

While Annie and Paul are embracing, Mike, in a confused stupor, is surprised by Annie's arrival, almost as if he doesn't know where he is.

Later, inside Caine's Kwoon, Strenlich arrives, revealing that Mike had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that had been pressing against an artery that had caused his paranoia, and due to the condition and his being unable to accept losing Annie, he could not cope. Frank then orders Peter outside so that Annie could have a private moment with Caine.

Once the two are alone, Annie thanks Caine for teaching her how to see with more than her eyes. That he had opened up a whole new world for her.






 The Lacquered Box

Season 1. Episode 14

First aired: 05/12/1993


While Peter recovers, Caine reminisces back to when he

first rebuilt the brownstone

into the Kwoon.....



Clarence and friends




Clarence overlooks the

making of the bomb



Peter threatens Clarence

after the failed bomb




Alice spies on the corrupt

cops meeting with Clarence



Caine rescues Peter.



Tollis and Lyle try to make Blaisdell believe Peter is a

drug addict.

Caine uses herbs to

detox Peter.



Peter consoles Alice during the aftermath of the ambush.

Looking for Donny, in a dark bar, Peter is shot by a junkie. The situation is dare, as per a doctor, who tells Caine they have done all they can do. Lo Si tries to help his friend accept destiny, but Caine rebukes the advice claiming what happened to Peter isn't destiny, but an unplanned and unprovoked walk of a policeman's life. While he waits for Peter to recover from surgery, Lo Si reminds Caine of an earlier incident where Peter almost lost his life, trying to protect Caine, shortly after they were reunited......

Months earlier.....

Alice, Lo Si's granddaughter is given a lacquered box containing a cricket, and told to deliver it to the priest. The gift is meant to mean good luck, for as her grandfather claims, having a Shaolin priest in the community means good luck for them. The cricket is meant to mean the community wants the priest to stay.

As Alice walks towards her destination, she is stopped by Clarence, a mean and intimidating criminal, who with the help of his 'friends' strike fear into those who live in Chinatown. Once Alice tells Clarence where she's going and the gift she is bringing, Clarence tries to convince the little girl that the priest isn't staying. However, Alice isn't buying the lie, so in retaliation, Clarence yanks the gift out of the girl's hand and crushes the box, including the cricket with his boot. Alice, frightened, runs back to her grandfather's home. Nearby, a shop keeper saw what had transpired and confronts Clarence and his gang. He is brutally attacked and left on the street as a message to the other citizens.

Clarence goes to one of his minions and has a bomb created and then delivered to the brownstone that Caine is currently renovating for his residence. He opens what appears to be a briefcase, only to learn it's a bomb. While Caine is deciding what to do, Clarence enters the brownstone and reveals he, unlike Tan who was past his prime, has taken over Chinatown. Since Caine refused to leave, he has taken matters into his own hands, and reveals the item Caine is holding is a bomb, and will go off if Caine closes the lid. He then leaves and rejoins his friends outside, a safe distance from the brownstone, and waits for the explosion.

While Clarence and his friends are laughing, Peter drives up and notices the group just hanging around. Both young men stare at one another before Peter goes inside to visit his father. Inside, he finds Caine sitting with an open briefcase and makes a joke. Caine's only reply is that the gift is a bomb.

With a little luck, and several tense moments, Peter is able to disarm the bomb, but for some reason Caine refuses to tell his son who planted it. Caine's simple 'I do not know' infuriates Peter, who demands his father provide the information. When Caine repeats the same answer, Peter wants him to leave the brownstone until he can find the person responsible, but Caine refuses, claiming he is needed by the community. Knowing who is responsible, Peter goes in search of Clarence.

Meanwhile when the bomb didn't go off, Clarence attacks the bomb maker and then he and the other members of the gang walk up the street to harass a young woman selling flowers. The harassment is interrupted by Peter who publicly threatens Clarence if he continues to bother his father. While Clarence sliders back under his rock, Peter notices his father following him and gets angry again. He tells Caine he isn't a child anymore and doesn't need his protection. Caine response with 'The son protects the father. Why cannot the father protect the son?'. The answer only angers Peter further, who instructs his father to at least stay off the streets if he will not protect himself.

Safe away from Peter, Clarence's buddies try to lighten his mood, but Clarence stews, his mood growing darker. He doesn't like being embarrassed in front of his friends, much less the citizens who overheard the threats Peter made to him. He has a plan, for the moment, he wants the priest left alone. Instead, his main focus is on discrediting and killing Peter. He has a plan.

At the precinct, Peter is confiding in Paul, telling his foster father that he could always talk to him about anything, but he can't do that with his father, and he doesn't understand why. Everything he says and does, it comes out wrong. Paul tells him that it's because he isn't his father, but a friend. When Peter gives him a shocked look, Paul quickly adds that Peter is trying too hard, and needs to back off to give each other time to know one another again. Paul is convinced Peter and Caine's relationship will reestablish itself in time by just letting it happen.

Accepting the advice, Peter goes back to the brownstone and together, father and son start repairing the damage done when it was firebombed by Tan several weeks earlier.  Across town, little Alice notices Clarence Choi and discreetly follows him. Clarence is almost run down by two corrupt cops, Tollis and Tom Lyle who enjoy toying with Choi. It quickly becomes apparent that Tollis and Lyle are part of a protection racket run by Choi. When Tollis demands payment, Choi refuses claiming until they get rid of Peter they will not be receiving another dime from him.

Both crooked detectives refuse to kill a fellow officer, and it isn't until Clarence mentions discrediting Peter's name do the two cops agree to help Choi. While the three men plot, Alice listens, then leaves before she can be seen.

As Peter and Caine continue to work on the brownstone, Tollis and Lyle arrive, using the excuse that they need Peter's help to track a killer who is hiding in a drug den. Peter doesn't trust them, something Caine picks up on and when Peter decides to go with the detectives, Caine questions why his son would go with someone he doesn't trust, Peter claims he's giving backup to fellow officers, just as any other officer would do. He leaves with the two cops, and Caine silently follows behind.

Inside the abandoned warehouse, the three detectives enter and are met by undesirables, lost souls, crazies, and desperate drug addicts. One distracts Peter, giving Tollis and Lyle the opportunity to ambush him. While trying to recover, Clarence emerges from out of the shadows, produces a syringe filled with a combination of cocaine and heroin and injects Peter with it, then leaving him to die as they walk away.

Caine sees the men who lured Peter into a trap leaving with Clarence, and waits until they are out of sight before he enters the warehouse, looking for his son. As he walks deeper into the building, he is met with a woman, holding a baby, begging for a fix. Caine attempts to help her and others attempt to block his path, seeking help.

As Caine discovers Peter, several people are crowded around his unconscious son, trying to steal his clothes, shoes, wallet and anything of value. Caine warns them off, then carries Peter back to the brownstone and begins to detoxify his son.

Back at the precinct, Tollis and Lyle are spreading rumors about Peter, accusing him of using drugs, which Blaisdell overhears. He orders both men in his office, demanding answers to their accusations. Both men lie and claim Peter either was late showing up for a stakeout or no showed. Blaisdell demands to know why he hasn't been told any of this information about Peter, Lyle claims everyone knows about his and Peter's relationship. Both men are dismissed, knowing Blaisdell doesn't believe them, but with their deliberate attempt to spread the lies, the seed had already been planted.

Back at the brownstone, Peter is delirious, reliving the temple fire, and the recent events with Clarence. Caine does his best to calm and comfort his son. In his delirium, Peter tells his father that he isn't who Caine thinks he is because he has plans for his life. Caine ignores the remark and continues using his herbs to heal his son.

Clarence, Tollis, and Lyle go back to the abandon warehouse, expecting to find Peter's body. Both detectives are confused, claiming there was enough drugs in the speedball to kill an elephant, but Clarence already suspects it was Caine who had rescued his son. Furious, Clarence, the dirty cops, and Choi's men plan to attack the brownstone to finish off Caine and Peter. All are unaware that once again, Alice has been eavesdropping. She quickly leaves to warn Caine.

When they arrive, Caine takes out several of men, rendering them unconscious, while Peter, still in a drug introduced haze, instructs Alice to hide herself as he attempts to find his gun and help his father. As Caine disarms Lyle and knocks him semi-unconscious, Clarence lures Caine to him as Tollis aims to shoot Caine from behind. Peter sees the attempted murder and fires his gun, killing Tollis, much to Caine's distain. Caine then defeats Clarence then goes to help his son. Peter tells his father that he had no choice but to shoot, Caine responds with 'there's always another way.'.

After Peter has recovered from the forced overdose, and Caine has opened his Kwoon, Peter gives his father the ceremonial knife he retrieved from the ashes of the Temple as a child. The Chinese community then enters the Kwoon, bringing gifts to welcome the priest to the area. Alice gives Caine another lacquered box containing a cricket.

In the present......

At the hospital, Peter is recovering from the wounds he received from the shotgun blast. Caine presents him with a lacquered box - containing a cricket - of his own.









Episode information. Season 1. Episode 15. 

First aired: 05/19/1993


Cheryl and Peter argue over

the drug problem.


Chan Lu Ma, owner of one

of the largest drug syndicates.


A woman pretending to be

a man?












Another fairy tale story!

The drug cartel and syndicate has run short on drugs and those addicted are having to pay higher prices in order to get their fix.

To feed their habit, the addicts are committing more burglaries and crime to get the funds they need to buy more drugs.

While Peter and Cheryl via for Caine's attention, both come to the conclusion they share the same problem - the drug shortage. Soon it is discovered that a Chinese druglord, Chan Lu Ma, has faked the shortage so that he can demand more money for his drug shipments.

The DEA receives a tip that Chan Lu Ma has been seen regularly at a transvestite bar, but because Lu Ma speaks an obscure dialect they are unable to learn the location of his base of operations.

When it is discovered that Caine understands and speaks the language, he is asked to go undercover as a busboy in the bar.

Not wanting his father to go alone and unprotected, Peter volunteers to go undercover at the same bar. However, he quickly regrets that decision when is forced to go undercover as a woman who pretends to be a man.

During their shift, Caine quickly discovers the drug lord sitting at a table.

As Caine carries a tray of drinks to a table, one glass falls, but Caine quickly captures it in freefall, preventing any spillage. The act is witnessed by Lu Ma, who realizes the busboy is a Shaolin priest.

Believing that Shaolin priest bring good luck, Lu Ma asks Caine to accompany him on his drug deal. Caine agrees and soon gains the drug lord's confidence.

When a DEA agent sees Caine leaving with Lu Ma, they plan to leave Peter behind while they track the drug lord to the location where Lu Ma has been shipping and storing the drugs before they are distributed throughout the city.

Peter quickly follows, attempting to get rid of the character costume, while driving. Caine is taken to a stable, where an expensive horse is kept. There Connie asks for Caine's help, claiming Lu Ma plans to kill her.

Unfortunately, she is proven correct when Lu Ma and his henchman arrive to kill her and Caine, both.

Caine quickly takes out the henchman and dodges the bullets fired from Lu Ma's gun. During a confrontation, Lu Ma falls into a poisoned bag of his own drugs and dies, putting an end to the man's drug empire.

Later, after the police have finished their investigation and the drugs destroyed, Peter goes back to the Kwoon. There he confronts his father, wanting to know where his father has been for the past fifteen years.

Before Caine can answer, his son states that he doesn't want a simple answer because in Peter's own words, his father knows, 'street life' things that weren't taught at the temple.

Caine offers to share, however Peter is highly skeptical.








Caine stands by Karen.




John Mitchell, the Caden

family estate manager.


Next to Clark Kent, the

worse disguise imaginable.


Nurse Beaman receives

orders from Mitchell.


Cap is amazed at Caine



Thor has a new friend.

Karen Caden, an heiress to a wealthy family estate, is desperately trying to get away from some men chasing her. They threaten her, but when Karen screams and gets attention, the men stop and act as if they were having a conversation with each other, and then pretend shocked over Karen's behavior.

As the onlookers go back to doing what they were doing, Karen hurries to a bus, unaware she is being followed. A man boards the bus and sits behind her and then whispers a threat that only she could hear.

Outside, in a snow storm, Caine feels her fear and tells Peter that the woman's life is in danger. Peter quickly reacts and stops the bus. Flashing his badge, Peter enters the bus to find Karen angrily engaged with the man sitting behind her. She tells Peter the man is following her, but the man denies even knowing the woman and states he thinks she's mentally unbalanced.

Peter takes her off the bus and both he and Caine take her to the police precinct, where Karen claims not only was she being followed and harassed, but she walked in on someone vandalizing her apartment.

About this time, John Mitchell, president and estate manager of the Caden family, arrives, acting worried and wanting to take Karen home.

Karen refuses, and accuses John of vandalizing her apartment to make it appear that she is insane. Confused, Mitchell denies the charges and asks the police to check out Karen's story.

When they go to the apartment, Karen is shocked to find the place in perfect condition, everything was in its place.

According to Mitchell, this isn't the first time Karen has reported such a crime. She has been suffering from delusions and paranoia for months. The police had been called multiple times, and finally reached the same conclusion. They no longer respond to her calls. Now, apparently she has found another precinct to make false claims.

Peter reports back to Paul, who isn't surprised. He then tells Peter how often Karen has called, only for an officer to go to her residence and find nothing wrong. It is then Paul receives a court hearing notice that Mitchell has petitioned the court for a requested commitment for Karen. The news rises Peter's suspicions, wondering why Mitchell wants Karen committed. 

During the court hearing, although Peter gives a passionate testimony in Karen's defense, it's Caine who convinces the judge that Karen is sane. He dismisses the case, much to Mitchell's surprise.

Outside the courtroom, the two men who had previously threatened Karen wait until she comes out and taunt her. Karen attacks them, alerting court security as well as the judge. When Karen tries to tell the judge what had happened, he doesn't believe her and reverses his decision and orders Karen committed for an evaluation.

Only Caine believes her, and in order to protect her, Caine asks Peter to have him committed, who then goes to Blaisdell to have it approved. Paul agrees and sends Peter undercover to watch over Caine and Karen.

Inside the mental hospital, Caine meets several inmates, such as Cap, Dervish, and other interesting characters. It becomes apparent very quickly why they are institutionalized.

When Mitchell learns Caine has gotten himself committed, he orders not only Karen killed, but Caine too. He sends this information to his inside hit person, Nurse Beaman.

Beaman, with the help of several orderlies has Caine put in a straightjacket and placed in a patted cell with a large violent man, named Thor, who has been put under sedation to keep him more manageable. Beaman pulls out a scalpel and cuts Thor's hand, causing the man to wake up in pain. She then hides the scalpel and tells the injured man that Caine was the one who had hurt him and then leaves, locking Caine inside with the now angry large man.

Caine escapes from the straightjacket and attempts to calm down Thor.

Outside Mitchell continues to communicate with Beaman, who is wearing a wire for a communication device.

Meanwhile, Peter has recruited Cap, Dervish, and an orderly to help him find Caine. They manage to unlock the door only to find a smiling Thor sitting next to Caine, shocking the rescuers. 

Caine tells his son about Nurse Beaman, and how she is working with Mitchell and another associate. Peter leaves to stop Beaman, while Caine checks on Karen. Out in the parking lot, Paul has arrived to arrest Mitchell and his agent.

Later, Karen is released, and Caine and Peter escort her out of the mental ward, as the orderly who helped Peter waves back, apparently taken over Nurse Beaman's job.








Episode information. Season 1. Episode 17. 

First aired: 10/24/1993


Mobster Jason Torrence






Looking inside the Kwoon.




Caine protects Valerie

Valerie, involved into the life of organized crime, witnesses the murder of her friend Charlie Bradford. Terrified because she knows who ordered the hit, she runs and hides. After being contacted by the police, and agreeing to be the lead witness against her former lover, and head of the same mob, Jason Torrence,  Valerie begins to have second thoughts about her decision to testify.

She doesn't trust anyone, and while at the 92nd precinct, Valerie makes a bold demand. Unless her old teacher, Caine is her protector, she will not testify. 

Their hands tied, Lt. Knapp only knows of one Caine and he works at the 101st precinct. He has mistaken Peter for Kwai Chang Caine. He send a message to the 101st, requesting Peter come to the 92nd precinct.

At his apartment, Peter wakes up, having overslept, and finding Kelly Blake in the shower. Panicked because she's still there and his father is expected any moment, Peter tries to get her to hurry up and leave, only she pulls him into the shower with him. Just then the doorbell rings, only instead of finding his father behind the other side of the door, it's Frank, who tells Peter that he's wanted at Lt. Knapp's office.

While a nervous Valerie waits for Caine's arrival, Peter arrives at the 92nd precinct. When the captain introduces Peter as Caine, Valerie angrily accuses the captain of double-crossing her, claiming Peter isn't Caine. It is then Peter recognizes Valerie as his childhood friend from the temple, and a brief student of his father. The two friends happily reunite but Valerie still insists on Kwai Chang Caine's protection.

Peter agrees to take her to his father's Kwoon, then heads back to the precinct. Caine, although happy to see Valerie realizes that until she stops being dependent upon Torrence, she will never be able to get on with her life. He tells her that she must face her former lover to banish her fears. Knowing Torrence is nearby, Caine and Valerie leave the Kwoon and disappear into Chinatown to hide.

Kelly is at Peter's apartment when hitmen attack, terrifying her. Peter arrives just in time to run them off and consoles Kelly.

Later at the mall, Torrence's men try again to kill Caine and Valerie. Caine however has a plan. He allows Valerie to be captured so she can face Torrence and put him behind her. Valerie regains her independence, as well as her confidence as Torrence is taken down by the police.

Back at the Kwoon, Peter and Valerie are sparring, tossing one another down on the mat when both reveal they each had a crush on the other at the temple. They leave as Caine picks up his flute and starts to play.





 Dragon's Wing

Episode information. Season 1. Episode 18. 

First aired: 11/03/1993


Kyle and Jenny



Macklin, leader of a

maraudering survivalist group.



Kyle Bettinger asks Peter for

help in rescuing his fiancee,

Jenny Quinn.




Steadman handles a bully.



Rykker, Khan, and Lo Si




Taggert alerts Macklin to

strangers arriving in town.



Steadman and Caine look

on as Peter admires the



Help from above

Future conquests?

In the town of Mansfield, Kyle Bettinger and his fiancée Jenny Quinn are enjoying themselves when several black vehicles roll into town and several men, armed and declaring themselves separatists start terrorizing the citizens. Strangely Deputy Sheriff Taggert does nothing to stop them.

In the aftermath, Macklin, the leader of the marauders, has Kyle beaten and Jenny kidnapped and held for ransom. He demands $100,000 for her safe return.

Knowing the sheriff and his department won't help, Kyle goes to Chinatown in search of a friend he had met in an orphanage - Peter! In Chinatown, Kyle finds Peter inside the Kwoon, and the two friends reunite and speak of their time at the orphanage as Caine unintentionally eavesdrops only to learn some information about his son's life during a dark time.

Peter agrees to help and knows someone who could help provide information about the marauders - Blaisdell. At the precinct, Peter is wise enough to know the conversation should remain private asks Kyle to wait outside while he speaks to his foster father.

Paul at first doesn't want his son involved, but when Peter mentions the orphanage and how it was Paul who had gotten him out, and helped him make something out of his life, and Kyle, too, had been just as lucky to have someone like Blaisdell to do the same for him, Paul relents and starts providing information on the marauders.

Paul reveals that the federal government has been trying to capture the marauders for over 18 months, and with very little success because the local police were not corporative. The Feds turned to him, bringing him in on the case eight months ago. According to Paul, the same marauders have attacked Mansfield at least four times, targeting the children of wealthy businessmen. He then suggests forming a dragonswing, an elite team who could get in, rescue Jenny and stop the marauders.

Using his influence, Paul provides Peter will several names of individuals who have experience in that line of work.

Kyle and Peter go back to the Kwoon, finding Caine and Lo Si. Peter asks his father for help in forming the dragonswing. Caine is at first hesitant, wanting an explanation of why Peter wants to be a hero, especially in front of others. Peter's reply that he isn't about to sit by and watch innocent people suffer, and if he's learned that from anybody, he's learned it from his father.

Satisfied with the answer, Caine agrees to help and asks the Ancient to come as well. Kyle makes the mistake of underestimating Lo Si's strength and abilities, finds himself on the floor looking up at the old man who smiles down at him with the comment that he's an old clumsy man. He's dangerous to have around. Kyle wisely keeps his mouth closed.

They go to the local gym and watch a fighter/boxer beat up an opponent, and Kyle and Peter mistake him as whom Caine wanted to find, instead it is the janitor. Peter remembers him as Master Khan from the temple. Khan becomes another member of the dragonswing.

Later, Steadman, a British retired spay, who introduced Annie and Paul to one another, agrees to join the group, because Blaisdell had personally asked for his help.

When the group returns to the Kwoon, a dark figure hiding in the shadows is waiting. Caine instantly recognizes him as Rykker, a mercenary, who once visited the temple many years ago. Caine and Rykker exchange in a conversation that turns to the murder of Rykker's child. Caine asks if he ever found the killer. Rykker replied that he had. Nothing more is said.

Peter, however asks when Rykker was at the temple because he doesn't remember him. Rykker shrugs off the question, stating he wasn't in the habit of speaking to children. The conversation ends with a perturbed Peter and a smug Rykker.

Asked why he has agreed to join the dragonswing, Rykker claims he's a soldier, he goes where he's needed, and soldiers like wars. He then admits that he owes Blaisdell a favor and he owes Caine his life. Apparently Rykker not only has a past with Blaisdell, but he has one with Caine as well.

With the group formed, Peter makes a joke about the older men's' ages, calling them the geriatric A-Team. Caine quickly reprimands him, telling his son that the years a man has can either wear him down or hold him up. The group then drives to Mansfield and goes to the local diner to plan their strategy. While there, Deputy Sheriff Taggert comes in to question the outsiders.

One look at the group, and Taggert forms an instant dislike, especially with Caine, whom he states had murder charges filed against him, but before Peter can argue, the officer then adds that the charges were dropped. Not satisfied with the groups' reaction, Taggert claims he's just doing his job and he doesn't want any trouble in his town. He then asks the group to leave.

Nobody moves, infuriating the dirty deputy sheriff and his men.

Believing Taggert wants to force the issue, an officer pulls out his gun, but before he could fire the weapon it is shot out of his hands by Rykker, who calmly continues drinking his drink. The crooked deputy sheriff and his men quickly retreat from the dinner.

Outside, Taggert walks away and radios Macklin to alert the leader of a group of outsiders are in town.

Inside the diner, the group begins to discuss strategy. While Rykker and Steadman discuss position points to best spring their trap, Peter is ecstatic over the different types of weaponry being presented. He tries to hide as many guns as he can on his body, much to Caine's chagrin and Kyle's amusement.

 Rykker turns his attention to Caine and offers him a pistol, which Caine refuses, claiming he does not need a weapon. Lo Si and Khan also refuse weapons, leaving Rykker mystified. He calls them strange, only to have Peter take the pistol out of his hands and add it to his growing collection. Rykker again repeats that they are all strange.

With a plan formed, the group can only wait for Macklin to take the bait. The wait isn't long. Each member of the group takes their places. Lo Si, as planned, pretends to be asleep on a bench, covered in newspapers, while Peter climbs a rooftop, armed with a high powered riffle, to act as cover for the group.

Steadman, a master of explosives, awaits in a two story building, waiting on Kyle's signal that Macklin and his men have arrived in town. Caine and Khan blend into the shadows, just as Kyle alerts everyone that Macklin has arrived.

Macklin's vehicle stops and he gets out, pulling Jenny out with him. Steadman activates the first of several explosions, causing disruptions and confusion between Macklin and his men. He also loosens his hold on Jenny. Rykker manages to sneak up on several men, taking them out of commission, giving the group better odds.

Lo Si, surprising the marauders, grabs Jenny and the two run to safety, as Rykker provides cover for them. Macklin, losing the hostage, as well as seeing his hold on the city weakening, ducks behind a building.

Khan appears from under a manhole cover, taking out several men with shurikens. As the battle rinds down, Peter rejoins the group on the ground, unaware one of Macklin's men has targeted him. The threat is instantly terminated as Rykker makes his presence known.

As Peter and Caine watch as Jenny is reunited with Kyle, a reticle is aimed at father and son. A shot rings out from above, causing Caine and Peter to look where it had originated. The would-be-assassin falls to the ground, and their mysterious savior is nowhere to be seen.

Looking around at those who had died in the fighting, Caine is somewhat remorseful, stating there is always another way. But admits they did have a fine dragonswing.

As the group comes back together, Peter wants to know which one saved him and his father. Suddenly Blaisdell appears holding a riffle, answering Peter's question. Kyle gives Peter the Shaolin salute, which Peter returns.








Episode information. Season 1. Episode 19. 

First aired: 11/10/1993


A vision of Two-Feathers.




Peter argues against going to

the reservation with Caine.





Two-Feathers fights against

the construction of a casino

on reservation land. 


Cochrane and Crow Dog



Soaring Eagle is undecided.



Crow Dog attacks



Caine performs the burial ceremony


Dancing Moon accepts her


Caine has a vision of his Indian friend Two-Feathers, a former student of his. He goes to the precinct hoping Peter will take him to the reservation, only Peter isn't interested. Claiming he has too many unsolved cases, and that Blaisdell will not let him have the time off, Peter believes the matter is closed. Caine, too, believes Peter is too busy to help him and starts to leave. To save face, Peter suggests they go to Blaisdell to request time off, knowing the captain will refuse the request.

Instead Blaisdell likes the idea. With so much violence within the Indian community, Paul believes if Peter goes with his father, the police might get a foot in the door to help calm the situation. Peter is stunned, then throws his father under the bus, claiming Caine received the message in meditation. Blaisdell isn't swayed, he tells Peter that he doesn't care if Caine received the message on the back of a bubble gum card, Peter is still going. With each excuse Peter attempts to use, Paul turns the tables and finally orders him to go.

Defeated, Peter drives Caine to the reservation, but one look at Dancing Moon, Two-Feather's sister, Peter decides the job isn't as bad as he first thought. However, Dancing Moon is very suspicious of the strangers. It isn't until she learns who Caine is does she start providing some information.

Dancing Moon tells them that white businessmen are trying to buy reservation land so they can build a casino there. Most of the community believe the casino is the best chance to make some quick money, only Two-Feathers is in disagreement.

Elsewhere on the reservation, Two-Feathers is doctoring a young boy when Crow Dog, Cochrane and Wilson appear. The young boy leaves after Two-Feathers confronts the men who threatened him. He agrees to go with the men to a warehouse, where all types of gambling equipment is waiting to be used. Two-Feathers is offered a job at the future casino, which is quickly refused, and when he destroys a roulette wheel, claiming it isn't their future, Crow Dog calls him a fool. Cochrane pulls out a gun, but Two-Feathers grabs it out of his hands. The three men advance of the lone Shaman.

Two-Feathers, remembering his time at the temple, choices the strongest opponent first -Crow Dog. However, Wilson comes up from behind and tries to attack, but Two-Feathers hits him with his medicine stick, knowing Wilson unconscious. In the process, he loses the medicine stick, giving Crow Dog and Cochrane the advance. In the back of the warehouse, several Indians, allies of Crow Dog attack, leaving Two-Feathers unprotected and heavily outnumbered. As one Indian attacks, Two-Feathers is occupied with him and Crow Dog picks up the medicine stick and hits Two-Feathers over the head then picks up a two by four to hit the defenseless man again. Other allies of Crow Dog join in and continue beating the Shaman, killing him.

Crow Dog orders his accomplishes to take Two-Feather's body, clean it up and leave it where the people can discover it, and they will know Two-Feather's medicine was weak.

Back at Dancing Moon's home that she shares with her brother, Caine is upstairs in meditation trying to communicate with Two-Feathers. Through meditation, Caine learns Two-Feathers is dying and goes downstairs to seeks Dancing Moon's help. Together, they know Two-Feathers is dying in an alley filled with writing on the walls. By the time they reach the alley, it is too late. Two-Feathers dies in his sister's arms.

Dancing Moon pleads with Peter to not report her brother's murder, believing if the people believer her brother is in the hills healing himself, it will motivate them to vote down the casino. Peter suggests that she take her brother's wallet and he will report the victim as a Joe Doe, giving Dancing Moon at least thirty-six hours before the prints could be made to identify her brother.

Satisfied that would give her enough time for the people to vote, Dancing Moon picks up Two-Feather's medicine stick and asks Caine to take her brother's body to perform the death ritual. Caine agrees and offers to build his former student a burial stand - a place of tranquility.

Later, Peter and Dancing Moon go to the Buffalo Bar where a lot of young people are hanging out. Crow Dog, Cochrane and Wilson are also there. Crow Dog is speaking to the crowd, urging them to vote in the casino. Dancing Moon approaches the murderers of her brother. He uses Two-Feather's absence from the vote as approval for the casino. He slams down the petition and uses everyone in attendance to sign it.

Dancing Moon approaches and tells the crowd that her brother could not be here tonight and that she has come in his place. She says she is here to face the one who betrayed not only theirs and everyone here's heritage, but everyone's souls. She takes the petition out of Crow Dog's hands and accuses him of attacking her brother with clubs. When Crow Dogs accuses Dancing Moon of lying, she pulls out her brother's medicine stick and shows it to the crowd. Telling the crowd the stick is covered with her brother's blood.

Crow Dog tries to grab the stick but Soaring Eagle takes it and sees blood - Two-Feather's blood on the stick. It is passed around the crowd while Dancing Moon says her brother has gone up into the hills to heal from the attack. She then tears up the petition in front of Crow Dog's face. A fight soon breaks out and Peter and Dancing Moon escape in his car and leave.

At night, Caine is working on the burial stand when Two-Feather's spirit manifests before him. Caine promises he will soon be ready to receive him.

Back at the bar, Crow Dog, Cochrane and Wilson plot to redo the petition but first they plan to kill Dancing Moon who has become a thorn in their sides. They track Peter and Dancing Moon at her place, attacking Peter, leaving him unconscious while capturing Dancing Moon. Peter manages to regain consciousness just as he sees them shoving Dancing Moon into a car. He follows after them.

In the clearing, Caine has finished the burial standing and Two-Feather's body is placed on top. Crow Dog grabs a tomahawk, wanting to make sure his adversary is actually dead. He climbs the stand only to discover it isn't Two-Feather's body, it's Caine and he realizes too late as Caine kicks him off the stand, sending him backwards, knocking him unconscious to the ground. Cochrane pulls out a gun, but Dancing Moon shoves him, knocking the gun out of his hand.

Wilson grabs Dancing Moon and Caine approaches as Crow Dog regains consciousness and picks up the tomahawk. He sneaks up behind Caine. Crow Dog throws it, and when Caine turns sideways, Cochrane thinks he's the target, only to have Caine catch the tomahawk in one hand. Cochrane and Wilson can't believe what they have just seen. Dancing Moon smashing her hand into Cochrane's face, sending him to the ground. Peter attacks Wilson, and Crow Dog takes off running with Caine giving chase.

After trying to dodge Caine, Crow Dog tries to attack him with a large tree branch only to have Caine repeatedly duck each swing. It tires out Crow Dog as Peter stands at a distance knowing his father doesn't need his help. Exhausted, Crow Dog collapses in Caine's arms and Peter steps up to arrest him. Caine then goes back to where Dancing Moon is standing guard over Wilson and Cochrane, who are then arrested.

Later at the apartment, Caine gives Dancing Moon the medicine stick. He tells Dancing Moon that Two-Feather's spirit came to him and he wants his sister to replace him as the bridge between the past and the future of their people. At first she is hesitant, but Caine convinces her that it was her brother's wish for her to take his place. She accepts the stick.






I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Episode information. Season 1. Episode 20. 

First aired: 11/17/1993



At the Kwoon, Jesus Delgado taunts the wrong person.






Alisa is worried about her grandmother, Ellen.




Ellen and Maury having another discussion



Searching for clues to link the victims




Caine tends the rose garden.




Blake and Frank going over equipment.



Reardon enjoying the party




Alisa tries to stall

Reardon while the other

hostages escape.




Caine assures Maury

In a warehouse, several women are locked into storage chambers, while two men, James Reardon and Carl Velasco move about taking stock of their human inventory. They are sex traffickers. 

At Caine's Kwoon, students are going through their sparring exercises, until Caine clasps his hands, ending the session. He moves across the room to where Peter is standing, watching the students. While the two talk, a man enters, instantly drawing Peter's suspicions. The man is Jesus Delgado, a well-known gang member. Peter questions why he's here, Delgado claims he wants to check out the students. He's actually there to scout out possible victims to the traffickers. When he makes a snide remark about the students being wimps, Caine calls for Alisa, the student he has taught the longest to spar with Delgado. Alisa makes short work of him. Caine then offers Delgado a chance to take classes. While Delgado considers the offer, Caine follows Peter outside. Peter is suspicious of Delgado's motives and warns his father, then drives off to go to work.

Inside the Kwoon, the students are getting ready to leave, but none engage with Delgado. As Caine returns, Alisa is picking up her gym bag and something tells him she is troubled. They decide to go somewhere to have tea at a local cafe. Alisa is worried about her grandmother, Ellen Wright, who because of advancing age, can no longer tend to her rose garden. Alisa believes because the garden is dying so is her grandmother. Knowing the hour is late, Alisa excuses herself, and heads home, unaware she is being photographed.

At the precinct, a couple is trying to get information on their missing daughter. They  had been to several other precincts, but nothing has been reported on their daughter. Peter starts getting information on other missing young women, and the only connections with the victims were none had an arrest record, all attended different colleges across the city, same age, and all were honor students.

The next day at Ellen Wright's house, Caine stating he is the new gardener. As the two walk out into the back yard, Ellen's neighbor, Maurice (Maury) Rothman watches the interaction with his neighbor and the stranger he believes is a con artist. Maury continues to paint while eavesdropping. As Caine starts tending the roses, Ellen walks over to the low fence that separates her back yard from Maury's. Maury tells Ellen his feelings about Caine. When Ellen starts telling Maury how he left out the lighthouse in his painting, the two argue over realism and cynicism. Maury starts making suggestions that Caine has caught Ellen's eye, in which Ellen throws hints at Maury that she is interested in him, only Maury doesn't catch on the the subtle hints.

Elsewhere, Alisa is walking out of  the library, and someone, hidden in the shadows, keeps snapping her picture. The pictures are being taken by James, who starts developing them in a dark room before he sends them off to a possible buyer.

The next day, at a local mall, Alisa is there heading toward the escalator. At the top of the escalator, James is riding it down, with a puppy tucked under his jacket. A man bumps into him, and takes off running down the moving stairwell. James starts shouting that the man had stolen his wallet. Alisa attacks the would-be-pickpocket, knocking him to the ground. She picks up James' wallet as the thief gets up and runs away. Alisa gives the wallet back to James and both introduce themselves. As Alisa attempts to pet the puppy, he jumps out of James' arms and runs off. Both take off in different directions to find the dog. Alisa tracks the dog to a parking lot where a van is parked. As she nears, the puppy runs into the arms of a waiting man - the same man who had tried to rob James.

Off to the side, another man appears, and Alisa quickly takes him out, and as the wallet snatcher approaches, she takes him down as well as James watches, enjoying the battle. She turns to him, demanding to know what is happening. James overpowers her, then uses a chemical compound to knock her unconscious. The three men then toss their latest victim in the back of the van and drive off.

Later that evening, Caine is pruning the roses when Ellen walks up and hands him a cup of tea. She tells Caine that Maury is watching and that he doesn't trust Caine. Caine then tells Ellen that Maury's feelings are for her, but he doesn't know how to express them clearly. He asks Ellen if she shares Maury's feelings, and Ellen admit that she does. When asked why he wanted to tend to her rose garden, Caine replies that it is because of Alisa and her love of her grandmother. Ellen and pleased and then teases Maury, who pretends he does not hear as he continues to paint in the twilight.

Alisa has been thrown into a dark container with another girl, one who has disappeared over a month ago. When Alisa tells the girl that her father had paid a ransom of $100,000, the girl is stunned. She starts crying in disbelief. The iron door slides open, revealing James Reardon, grinning evilly.

The next evening, Ellen arrives at Caine's Kwoon, believing her granddaughter was there. Caine tells her that classes are only twice a week, and that Alisa never arrived. Concerned the two go to the Galleria, believing Alisa might be there. She isn't. The next morning, while Caine is tending the roses, Ellen is on the phone, trying to find her granddaughter. Caine leaves the garden and goes over to Maury, telling him that Ellen needs him. When Maury learns Alisa is missing, he goes to comfort Ellen. After learning Ellen has already filed a missing person's report, Caine goes to the 101st to see Peter.

Caine tells Peter about Alisa missing, Blaisdell wants a description of her, only to tell Caine they had just found a female matching Alisa's description dead in the lake. The trio goes to the lake, and as the body is being placed on a gurney, Ellen and Maury drive up. The body isn't Alisa's, but one of the young women who had been kidnapped. Blaisdell asks Ellen if they could set up a command post in her home, in which she agrees. Maury takes her home.

Back at an undisclosed location, Alisa is being attacked by Velasco. Reardon interrupts and beats up Velasco before throwing him out of the small cell. He then tells Alisa that he is a med student while pulling out a syringe kit and a small bottle. She's going to be shipped to Japan along with at least eleven other women. His client enjoys beautiful women. She tries to attack but the drug is too strong. She slips into unconsciousness.

Back at Ellen's, Blaisdell tells her to act whenever the phone rings. He then goes to Frank who wants to know why Caine is there. Blaisdell mentions that Alisa is his student, and he's there for moral support. The answer doesn't satisfy Strenlich. He asks Paul how does it feel to have Caine walking into his life and taking over Paul's role in Peter's life. Paul angrily asks Frank how is he handling the Mets being in the cellar. Frank realizing his question was too raw and personal for his boss to answer, admits he didn't expect an answer to which Blaisdell walks away, ending the conversation.

Outside, Caine is speaking with Maury who admits that he does indeed love Ellen. Caine tells him he needs to tell Ellen. Maury leaves as Peter asks Caine to go with him - to a sex club. Inside the club, Paul Caldrin, an undercover cop, sits at the same section as Peter and Caine. He tells them that white slavery is having a renaissance. Each month, at a different mansion, a special party for high paying customers, and one is being held tonight. Caldrin gives Peter a name of a singer who will be appearing at the mansion.  They go up four flights of stairs to find the information. In one room, several men are watching porn, infuriating Caine. He destroys the video equipment, creating a problem for the annoyed Caldrin. Peter threatens Caldrin, who supplies the singer's name and the mansion's location.

After  the kidnapped women are placed inside a van, Reardon shoots and kills Velasco then he and two other men drive off with their cargo. Back at Ellen's house, while the police are monitoring their surveillance equipment, Ellen goes to the garden and starts cutting down the roses. Maury stops her in time to prevent further damage. He then expresses his love for her and Alisa.

Peter and Caine enter the mansion acting like buyers. While Peter moves about, mingling with others, Caine manages to urge a young man outside, telling him to go home. When the young man says those men inside promised to take care of him, Caine tells him human life is not for sale. He manages to send the young man home, then takes out several security guards before jumping on the back of the van that had kidnapped Alisa.

The van is headed toward a private airport. Before the van can pull reach the tarmac where a Learjet is waiting, Caine jumps off and hides under the cover of darkness.

The party dying down, Reardon and a very friendly female are getting close in the back seat of a limo. The driver's front section rolls down, disturbing them. Reardon starts reprimanding the driver, by calling his name angrily over the interruption. A hand comes out of the section, and douses him with lighter fluid.  While the woman screams, a match is lit and Peter's face appears, wearing a chauffeur's hat. Peter demands to know the location of Alisa. Reardon at first refuses to answer, then after a threat of having the match thrown at him, Reardon tells Peter the women are on a plane, headed overseas. 

At the tarmac, a man, named Mr. Takara waits, as the women are helped out of the van. The black limo pulls up between the women and the jet. Peter gets out of the limo, yanks out Reardon, who is tied and bound. Peter tosses him to the ground and tells the women they no longer have anything to fear. Several of Mr. Takara's body guards attempt to shoot Peter, who easily takes them out, while Caine takes care of Reardon's men.

As Peter and Caine unlock the handcuffs, chaining the women, Takara gets into the jet and starts up the engine. Reardon, gets free, and hurries to catch and climb into the plane, only someone from inside shoots him. The plane takes off and flies out of sight.

Later, the limo drives to Ellen's home. Alisa gets out and runs into her grandmother's arms. Peter gets out of the driver's side, tips his hat to Paul, who returns a smile and wave. The next day, Maury shows Ellen the painting he had just finished. It is her! Ellen loves it, and the two embrace.






Episode information. Season 1. Episode 21 and 22. 

First aired: 11/24/1993 and 12/01/1993


Detective Marvin Katz

surprised by Caine's

appearance at a stakeout.


Chinese council gathers to

discuss Caine's request


Lo Si speaks for the council


Waiting for the council's




Against Lo Si's protest,

 Caine wants Peter tested.


Sing Ling enjoying music



Peter convinces Paul that the

ship wasn't on a diplomatic mission, but hired assassins



Sing Ling prepares to ascend

the throne


Family honor restored.



Discovering Caine is leaving.

During a stakeout with Detective Marvin Katz, Peter is about to start their surveillance when Caine disrupts them. Claiming it is an urgent manner, he wants Peter to go with him. Peter tries to explain to his father he can't leave, Caine refuses to take no for an answer. He claims it is very important. Karz tells Peter to go and he will call another detective to cover for him.

As they descend down the stairs, Caine and Peter are attacked, but both make short work of their opponents. Peter believes they had followed his father, but Caine states it was Peter they were tracking. They go to visit the Ancient, who welcomes them until Caine tells him that he knows why he is here. Lo Si claims that the matter does not concern Peter, but Caine states otherwise. He asks Lo Si's permission to tell Peter the truth. Lo Si nods his approval.

Caine begins by saying when he first came to the city, it was for the same reason that the Ancient, as well as Tan had arrived in the city. They knew a child, a male child, a young prince, born under the sign of the tiger, in the hour of fire, was being kept safe within the city. Peter realizes then that Caine had not come to the city, searching for him. Caine admits it was true that finding Peter was a wonderful accident.

When Caine tells Lo Si that he knows what he wishes to request, Lo Si said he doesn't have the right to answer the request. Caine then demands to be taken to those who would do so.

They go to Chinatown where several important men in the Chinese community have gathered for an important meeting. Peter, knowing most of the men, starts identifying them, telling his father what important positions each man holds within the community. He keeps talking, much to Caine's annoyance, until Caine shuts him up by placing his hand across his son's mouth. Peter takes the hint and is silenced. 

Lo Si then speaks for the council and tells Caine his offer has been rejected. When Caine asks for a reason, stating is his skills not useful? Lo Si replies that Caine is unworthy. The answer angers Peter, telling everyone in the room that nobody is going to call his father unworthy. Lo Si explains further, claiming it is the line itself that is unworthy.

Caine tells Peter that since his grandfather killed the Chinese emperor's nephew by accident, there has been a curse on the family line. Peter doesn't believe in curses and asks his father if he had ever heard of the saying that the sins of the father are not to be visited upon the son. Caine ignores the remark, focusing his attention on the council, especially Lo Si. He asks for a chance to regain his family. If not, then what chance does anyone have in the future.

Lo Si speaks privately with the council then asks would Caine accept being the young heir's protector, including forfeiting his life if necessary. Caine bows, accepting the offer and then asks about his son. Since Peter is considered an outsider, one who uses the gun, he is denied. Caine tosses Peter's weapon away, telling Lo Si to test his son. The Ancient is visible upset. He tells Caine not to force his hand. Caine is assertive, and once again Lo Si is hesitant, stating he loves Peter, don't force him to do this. Caine pushes the issue until Lo Si relents and Master Khan steps forward unsheathing a sword. Not only does this shock an unsuspecting Peter, but when Khan starts swinging at him. He's forced to defend himself against his former teacher.

After successfully defeating Khan, Peter is appointed to protect the future emperor of China, and is taken to a special place where he meets Sing Ling. Upon their first meeting, Sing Ling acts like a spoiled brat, something Peter tells him. Going as far as telling Sing Ling he needs a good butt kicking. Sing Ling, who has never had anyone contradict him, is impressed with Peter and quickly earns his respect. When it is revealed that he has never left the apartment, Sing Ling believes he can trust Peter and orders everyone else out. The two quickly bond. In another room, Lo Si admits to Caine that Peter will be a great protector. Caine replies that it will keep Peter busy while he and Lo Si hunt down two groups of assassins - one Asian and the other non-Asian.

While Caine and Lo Si search for assassins, Peter and Sing Ling hang out at the mall until several men chase them down into a landing. After they defeat the would-be-attackers, they head to the Kwoon, only to find it ransacked and Cheryl attempting to clean up the damage. She keeps eyeing Sing Ling surprisingly until the two leave.

The two go to Lo Si's place, shocking the older men because Sing Ling is in public, especially before the coronation. Once the Ancient has calmed down, he and Caine tell Peter that they have discovered the Lo Chang assassins, are aboard a large ship docked in the harbor. When told he must return to the safety of his secluded and guarded apartment, Sing Ling refuses, claiming as a future leader he must protect his people's interest. They then go to the boat, take out the assassins, and thanks to Caine's quick actions are able to prevent a grenade from being thrown. Afterwards, the group disbands, going their separate ways.

The next morning, Peter goes to the Kwoon to find the place empty, nothing left to remind anyone that it once was Caine's Kung-Fu Academy, or anything meaning Caine had once lived there. Mystified, Peter goes out back to find his father burning his traditional clothes. He believes the trouble is not over. Peter believes otherwise, but Caine is not convinced and goes back inside. Peter wonders what  his father meant, then goes back inside to find the place alive with activity. Racks of clothes are being pushed inside the building with other people bringing in other merchandise. Asking what is happening, he receives a sarcastic reply, sending Peter out the front door to get an answer from his father. Instead, Caine is walking up the street, carrying only his satchel and flute.

After spending for his father, Peter gets a hint from Lo Si, that Caine would be found in a low place, among the poor and lonely. Peter wants straight answers, but Lo Si doesn't mention anything useful so Peter leaves. At the precinct, Paul tells Peter that those aboard the ship had diplomatic immunity, and if the Chinese government gets involved, it could become an international situation. Peter quickly explains what really happened, then tells Paul about Sing Ling and how the Chinese council in Chinatown had kept it a secret for over eighteen years. Paul starts pulling strings, and offers to help, giving Peter time to locate his father and find out what else needs to be done before the ascension takes place the next day.

Meanwhile at a homeless shelter, residences mingle and Caine helps one man see the light. Back at the precinct, an assassin, posing as a blind man, tries to stab Peter, but due to a criminal trying to escape, he isn't successful. Peter then tracks Caine to the homeless shelter where Caine tells him he is preparing himself for the final battle then gives Peter his journals and his ring. Suddenly assassins come into the shelter, but Caine makes himself (invisible) in plain sight while Peter ducks into a sectional. The assassins move by Caine, not noticing him, but Cheryl suddenly appears and thinks the men are trying to kill Caine. She stands in front of him, and Caine tosses her away from danger then escapes.

At Sing Ling's apartment, his advisor, David Chow persuades the prince to accept an enemy as a friend, to shake their hand when he starts to ascend the throne, but Sing Ling refuses, knowing everything he has been taught tells him the man can not be trusted. David leaves, and Peter and Caine follow Chow to a warehouse where they learn he is actually a traitor, betraying Sing Ling to the assassins. After Caine rebukes Chow, the assassins try to kill Caine and Peter, but when that fails, David is killed in retaliation.

The assassins escape to plot again.

Later, while Sing Ling is preparing to ascend the throne, he expresses his fears to Caine who tells him to accept them and it will make him wiser. As the ceremony begins, Cheryl interrupts, attempting to kill Sing Ling, but she is unsuccessful. After she has been stopped, Sing Ling accepts his destiny and ascends the throne to become emperor.

He tells Caine his debt has been paid, and his family honor restored, bringing tears to Caine's eyes.

The next day, Lo Si is bidding farewell to Caine, who after restoring his family's honor, feels he must leave. He says his path, once so clear, has now become cloudy. He must wander once more until he finds it. The news devastates Peter, but he puts on a braves face and swallows the disappointment in an effort not to show he has learn much from his father and Lo Si. As Caine bids farewell, he tells Lo Si he will be close. The Ancient nods in understanding, then Caine walks away, disappearing into the crowd. Lo Si asks Peter if he believes his father is gone. Peter replies that no, he'll be back. I'm not going anywhere. Haven't you heard. Stay in one place and the world comes to you. It has no choice.