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The Return of the Shadow Assassins

Peter Caine is having nightmares, his girlfriend, Kelly Blaine/Blake, is caught in a giant spider web, dying and so is his father. For Peter, it's more than a bad dream, he's being haunted, fighting shadows.

Things don't get any better when Peter arrives at the precinct and Kermit tells him he's the common link to the serial killer they've been trying to find. Peter knew all four of the murdered victims. Peter doesn't share that information with his captain, Paul Blaisdell, however. Paul feels like they are chasing shadows and he doesn't like it. Donnie Double D, Peter's snitch, calls the killer a phantom. "When the smoke clears, another girl is dead."

Sally, the clerk at the drycleaners where Peter has his laundry done is victim number five. When Peter goes to the park to investigate her murder, he thinks he sees his father, Kwai Chang Caine, who has been gone for six months.

Peter goes to the Ancient about his suspicions that the killer is a Chi'Ru Master. That the Shadow Assassin responsible for Lee Hai and Kira Blakemore's death has returned. When the Shadow Assassin causes a traffic accident and injures Paul, Peter realizes how much his foster father still means to him.

Caine shows up at he hospital and confirms that the Shadow Assassin is back. It's a bittersweet moment when Peter realizes his father has come back to protect the author, Everett Cooper, and not because he missed his son. Caine tells Peter there are two Shadow Assassins to deal with this time.

Caine goes to find Cooper at the Laffin Comedy Club. Cooper is working as a standup comedian because he's too afraid to write the sequel to his book about the Shadow Assassins. While Caine is dealing with Cooper and the older of the two Shadow Assassins, the younger Chi'Ru Master is kidnapping Kelly and Peter.

The older Chi'Ru Master attacks Cooper and Caine finds out at the hospital that Peter has been taken. Caine goes to Lo Si and has the Ancient teach him the art of replicating himself, which he uses to defeat the Shadow Assassins a second time, while Lo Si rescues Peter and Kelly. Caine tells Peter he will not be leaving again and Peter returns the ring his father left in his care.

Note: This is the first episode with Kermit.

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