The  Caine Family


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Matthew Caine

A Shaolin priest and antiquities scholar.  Matthew married Su-Lin, and not too long after their marriage, Kwai Chang Caine was born.  Several years later, Su-Lin was pregnant again with Damon, however, tragedy would befall the family.  The Sing Wah kidnapped Su-Lin, and after Damon was born, she was killed. 

Little is known what transpired during this time, but according to the episode 'Return of Sing-Ling', in the early 1940's, Matthew and Kwai Chang lived in the Shaolin temple in Zhangzhou, China, until they fled to the United States after the Communists took power.

Later, Matthew became a medic for the American Army, serving in France during WW2.  In 1949, on an expedition in the Himalayas, Matthew disappeared and was believed killed.

After his son's temple was destroyed, Matthew returned to the states and was told that Caine and Peter had been killed during the destruction.  Dishearten, he returned to France, and in the episode 'Sacred Chalice of I-Ching', he is reunited with his son and grandson.



Kwai Chang Caine




Peter Caine




Martin Bradshaw

An illegitimate child born from a brief love affair between Matthew Caine and Boston Brahmin Marie Bradshaw.   Marie's family did not approve of Matthew and forced her to end the relationship.  It wasn't until Martin was going through his mother's personal belongings did he discover his father's identity. 

Martin has ties with Interpol, and went undercover to investigate the Sing Wah.  During this stint, he learned of his half-brothers, Kwai Chang and Damon.  At the end of the episode 'Brotherhood of the Bell', Martin flew to France to meet his father.



Damon Caine

Damon Caine was raised by the Sing Wah since infancy.  His mother was kidnapped while pregnant with him and once Damon was born, the Sing Wah killed her.

He is the complete opposite of his older brother, and would do anything to further his own agenda.  He blames his father, Matthew for leaving him, and is jealous of his brother Caine for having everything he didn't.  But, at the end of BOTB, Damon seemed to be rethinking his evil ways. 

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