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Captain Paul Blaisdell



Captain Karen Simms



Chief Frank Strenlich

Detective Kermit Griffin

Kermit's background is clouded in secrecy.  Even his birth date is a guarded secret, nor is his parents' identity mentioned. 

He has a sister, Marilyn (introduced in Demons and later appears in the episode Storm Warning).  Marilyn has two children: a son, Jason and a daughter, Mitch. 

His younger brother, David, was mentioned in the episode (Storm Warning).  In that episode, it was revealed that David, an undercover cop, was murdered.  Hints of ex-wives are mentioned, and in (Escape), Caine hinted that Air Force Major Jim Halstrom, resembled Kermit, and perhaps they were father and son.

Kermit is first introduced in the episode (Return of the Shadow Assassins).  Heís mostly seen in the early seasons with a short, almost military haircut and wearing his trademark green sunglasses.  Heís a computer expert, and used his skills to track down a group of kidnappers (Only the Strong Survive). 

Although heís considered a computer geek, the 101st depends upon him with their very lives.  Kermitís developed a strong friendship with Peter Caine, and sometimes, Kermit looks upon Peter as a younger brother.  

While Kermit is completely loyal to his friends, he does have a strong desire for vengeance.  In (Storm Warning), he travels to Florida after learning his brotherís killer (Greg Larson), was there.  Fortunately, Peter and his father followed Kermit to Florida and prevented him from killing Larson. 

In the episode (Demons), Kermit comes to Caine first to ask for his help for his sister, Marilyn and her family. In that same episode, Kermit went down a corridor, following Marilyn and her captor, when he got the scare of his life.  It changed his outlook on the supernatural.

In (Quake), Kermit began to have feelings for Karen Simms, his Captain, and those feelings slowly developed over time.  In (Prism), he was one of the few who believed the Captain was innocent of murder charges and worked with Peter to prove it.  In (Black Widow), Kermit was lured into a relationship with a member of a spider sect and was finally freed by Peter and his father.

In (Time Prisoners), Kermit and Peter work together to free Karen and Caine from Seledine by retrieving an ancient crystal.  In that episode, Kermit finally admitted that he was in love with Karen.

In (Manhunt) when Peter is arrested and charged with the murder of Assistant DA Rebecca Calvert, Kermit utters one of his famous one liners, quote "I don't care if Peter was found standing over her body with a bloody knife in his hand chanting Satanic verses, he didn't do it!" Unquote.  It is Kermit that Peter turns to when he needs help and the one with Peter when the man responsible is discovered.

In (Requiem), Kermit is asked by Caine to watch over Peter and is the only one who believes the younger Caine when he goes after a crooked cop.  When Peter, resigns from the force, Kermit tells him not to forget his friends and that he will be Peter's "Shaolin eyes", his liaison with the department.

Kermit is loyal to those he can call friends and deadly to those who become his enemies.  He is not a man to be trifled with.  His closest friend, until Peter, was Paul Blaisdell and, because of that friendship, Kermit keeps an eye out to help Annie and Paul's two daughters, Carolyn and Kelly.

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Detective Mary Margaret Skalany

Detective Jody Powell

Jody, like her twin sister, Kira Blakemore, (killed in the episode Return of the Shadow Assassins), is a detective assigned at the 101st.  Jody is a determined and dedicated cop, with a softer side, which she displays occasionally. 

In her first appearance, (Only the Strong Survive), Jody is assigned as Peterís girlfriend and trainer, where they can infiltrate a martial-arts tournament to gather evidence against the organizer; Ben Kinasay.  The assignment is also Captain Blaisdellís attempt for Jody to convince Peter that Kiraís death was not his fault. While Jody lessens Peterís guilt, it only compounds hers as she finds herself falling in love with the young detective.  In (Quake), she tells Peter how she feels about him, but later, embarrassed, Jody asks Peter to forget everything she said. 

During the series, Jody proves herself a valuable asset to her co-workers. In (Plague), Jody assists Peter, Kermit and Caine in bringing down the terrorist, Erickson. 

In (Eye Witness), Captain Simms sends Jody and three other officers to the Blaisdell cabin to rescue Peter and the Federal witness after discovering the FBI agent is actually a hired assassin. 

In (Cruise Missiles), she and Mary Margaret, both bridesí maids for Lu La, confide in each other over finding the perfect man.  However, both realize their choices are just wishful dreams.  Later, they, along with the rest of the 101st, take down the Singh-Wah members who had taken over the cruise ship.

Jody really gets to tease her partner in "Flying Fists of Fury IIĒ when Peter is assigned to be movie star Wolf Gannett's stunt double, especially when a red-faced Peter appears in Wolf's signature leather outfit.  She also shows her police savvy when, following Peter's lead, she finds the evidence to nail the producer for the "accidents" that had been happening on the set.

(Dark Vision) Jody does the unthinkable, she tells the Captain what Peter told her in confidence about his connection to a series of serial killings.  This earns her Peter's anger and when he resigns, Jody sits at her desk and quietly cries.  Later, he apologizes to her, telling her he understands why she did what she did.  She's nervous but, Peter tells her it's all right between them.

(Black Widow) gives her a chance to be "catty" about Peter's new squeeze, vice detective Jordan McGuire.  With a simple glance, Jody shows her jealousy and disdain for the brash, blond detective.

(Shaolin Shot)  she again is assigned as Peter's girlfriend in an undercover assignment.  Not only does she try to seduce Peter, she reveals a never before seen talent, she can sing!  Peter is definitely impressed.  When Jody is kidnapped, she knows Peter cannot come for her and she manages to get herself untied before Kermit storms in and helps her make the collar.

(Dragon's Lair) while under the influence of Wei Chi, she becomes even bolder about trying to seduce her partner, wearing a skintight, cleavage revealing leather outfit.  Once the Games master is defeated, Jody is again embarrassed by her behavior and is no longer paired with Peter on a regular basis.

(Chill Ride) a day at a carnival to celebrate her friend, Mary Margaret's birthday turns into a murder investigation, with Jody being first on the scene.

(A Shaolin Treasure) sees Jody being promoted to Detective, First Grade.  While helping Peter follow the trail of a chest of stolen Shaolin artifacts, she not only teases her partner about his protection of the woman in charge of the publicity for a new book, she has a tendency to mention her promotion, often.

(Blackout) showcases just how much Jody has grown both as a detective and as a woman as she uses what she has learned from Peter to save the life of her fellow cop, Peter's former girlfriend, Kelly Blake, when she is taken hostage during a city wide power failure.

(A Shaolin Christmas) gives her a disturbing insight into how much Peter has changed as they go to pick up a prisoner that the FBI is transferring.  As he begins "seeing" what is happening at the 101st, she knows that he is changing, growing into someone she doesn't understand.

(Requiem) is her goodbye to the man she loves as Peter resigns after taking down a corrupt cop.   The look on her face as he heads for the front door for the last time speaks volumes about the anguish in her heart as she realizes that she cannot be the part of his life that she always dreamed of being.

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Detective Blake


Captain Bartlett Stiles (S.W.A.T.)


Captain Jack Lasher  (S.W.A.T.)


Detective Roger Chin


Detective Janet Morgan


Detective T.J. Kincaid


Detective Kelly Blake




Detective Jordan McGuire


Dr. Nicholas J. Elder


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