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Kermit has a bad day, interrupted by a damsel in distress.

Rated: G
Categories: Season 3-4 Characters: Kermit Griffin
Genres: Gen, Romance
Pairing: Kermit/OFC
Language: English
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Series: Kermit and Isabel
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Published: Sep 19, 2022 Updated: Sep 19, 2022
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Originally published (06/20/02) 

Kermit's being a real pain. He wants to talk about 'Nam.... and I promised to never repeat those stories... they're simply not suitable for the kind of writing I do. However....

As always, I've borrowed a character (or two) from others, to whom I am grateful for their genius, not to mention forbearance in not suing me for the unauthorized and highly unprofitable use of their intellectual property.

And, finally, for AnneACK, on whom I can place the blame for sending Kermit over to try and terrorize my musae... poor man never saw it coming.


1. Chapter 1 by TAE60 [Reviews - 0] (6650 words)